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The RSPH is an educational and campaigning charity. It has been calling for the UK government to apply more restrictions on UK Gambling ads. It wants that to be a part of the Gambling Act review. The charity has further called for such a ban after a new survey was conducted and published by YouGov.

The New Survey Regarding a UK Gambling Ban by YouGov

YouGov is a data analytic and market research analyst. The RSPH appointed it to carry out a survey regarding a UK Gambling Ad ban. According to the YouGov survey, 77 percent of adults and 66 percent of 11- to 17-year-olds support a UK Gambling ad ban. Such a ban would be effective on radio and television before 9:00 pm.

On the other hand, when the survey asked participants about a total ban of UK Gambling ads, the numbers were less encouraging. Sixty-three percent of adults and 53 percent of children were supportive of it. The RSPH charity stated that only 14 percent of children and adults were against the total ban on gambling ads, while the rest were unsure or did not have a clear opinion on the matter.

Further Information from the YouGov Survey

Besides the restrictions on gambling ads on radio and TV, most participants were also in favor of stopping UK gambling ads online and on social media. Seventy-six percent of adults and 64% of children were supportive of this ban. Further, 54% of children and 65% of adults believed that gambling companies should not sponsor sports teams or events. In addition, 75% of adults stated that the industry should pay a levy to the government to prevent and reduce problem gambling.

The research mentioned was based on surveys carried across the United Kingdom regarding UK Gambling ads. It included a sample size of 12.2k adults and 2.5k children. Of all the adults that were polled, 88 percent answered “not at all” when they were asked whether someone else’s gambling habits impacted their life negatively in the last year.4% answered “don’t know,” and 4% answered, “not very much.” 2% answered “to some extent,” while only 1% stated “a great deal.”

The RSPH charity also argued that up to twenty percent of the UK population is at risk of gambling harm. Therefore, it called upon the DCMS to apply stricter rules regarding UK Gambling ads. It is a part of its public health approach that aims to decrease the risks that are gambling-associated.

The chief executive of the RSPH, Christina Marriott, believes that advertising is one of the most powerful forces in society. She thinks that it does not only influence what people buy, but it also tells them what is normal and what they should always aspire to buying or wanting. She said that they no longer allow air time to products that can harm the cultural and social lives of UK residents such as tobacco and alcohol. Since gambling can have the same effects, it should not be on the air as well.

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