UK Horseracing Whip Usage – New Consultation by the BHA

The BHA (British Horseracing Authority), which is the UK Horseracing regulator, has opened a new consultation with the public. The new public consultation is regarding the usage of whips in the sport. The newly opened consultation aims to collect the opinions of industry stakeholders as well as industry experts. This information and ideas will be regarding the usage of whips, as well as the penalties for breaching such a rule.

The New Consultation by the UK Horseracing Authority (BHA)

The first part of the new consultation is a questionnaire that the public can access and answer online. It will run for ten weeks. It will be available until the 6th of September. Anyone who is interested in UK Horseracing, UK Gambling and the subject of whip usage can fill in the questionnaire. They will also be able to make any suggestions that they see fit.

Following detailed and lengthy discussions with different parties, the suggestions will be considered and reviewed by the WCSG. The WCSG (Whip Consultation Steering Group) consists of a select group of experts of the UK Horseracing industry. The group will then decide which recommendations and suggestions are suitable. It will then present these practical suggestions to the board of the British Horseracing Authority for approval and consideration. Such a phase will occur early next year (2022).

BHA Chief Executive Comments on the Consultation

Julie Harrington, the Chief Executive of the BHA, was appointed CE back in August. She commented on the matter by saying that we live in a time where political and societal views change regularly. Therefore, the health of the UK Horseracing sport will depend in part on doing maintenance on the social license as well as the trust of politicians and the public. She added that the UK Horseracing industry has to be willing to listen and understand a wide array of opinions and perspectives. It is essential if the industry is to prosper in the long run.

She also said that with this consultation, they are looking forward to facilitating and signaling a positive and open debate. It is an essential issue for the UK Horseracing sport from the view of fairness and perception. They are encouraging everyone who has an interest in the UK Horseracing industry and in this subject to participate in the consultation. It is an opportunity for everyone to have their own opinion.

BHA Chief Regulatory Officer Comments on the Consolation

Brand Dunshea is the Chief Regulatory Officer of the BHA. He said that the BHA is encouraging all respondents to utilize the supporting info available in the consultation. Such information will explain the current whip’s design and the penalties and rules for its usage. The supporting information is essential as it makes sure that anyone participating has all the facts regarding this hot topic in the UK Horseracing sport. He added that it is a complicated issue. It is certainly not a binary one. However, the consultation is going to cover a lot of ground regarding whip usage for encouragement.

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