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The United Kingdom Labor Party (UK Labor Partry) believes that all online gambling businesses have to re-apply for a license to operate. The reason behind that is that there were many revelations from the British gambling industry and its regulating body. These revelations stated that more than one-third of the licensed operators are failing their customers. It also means that they are not living up to the terms of their licenses.

The UK Labor Party Sends a Letter to the UKGC

Tom Watson, the Deputy Leader of the Labor Party, sent a letter to the CEO of the UKGC as well as Jeremy Wright, the Culture Secretary. The letter questioned the integrity of a large number of operators, especially that most of them offer their services from offshore locations and territories. According to reports, the UKGC has issued some massive penalty packages that reached 4.5 million pounds on four online gambling businesses. It is a part of its ongoing investigation into the industry of online casinos. When the industry watchdog announced the penalties, it revealed that these operations, three of which do not run their services from the United Kingdom. It showed that they failed to guarantee an adequate safeguard that would prevent money laundering and make sure that the customers are safe from the harmful effects of gambling.

The UKGC’s Investigation in the UK Gambling Industry

As a part of the investigation of the UKGC, that took place over the last year and a half, and the regulator reviewed more than 123 online operators. It demanded that forty-five of them have to implement more measures by submitting their action plans that aim to raise the standards.

Therefore, Mr. Watson is demanding that online casinos that received licenses since 2014 should re-apply to get a permit to operate in the United Kingdom. According to Watson, the permission to work should be a sign of trust and credibility. It shouldn’t be a way through which operators to push the limits of the license and the responsibilities that come with it. He added that the UKGC should not be in the position where it is always trying to catch up to the industry. He stated that the situation needs an efficient and structured response that would overhaul the current licenses of the remote gambling sector. Recently, a lot of online gambling companies get a lot of blame for their social irresponsibility. There have been a lot of complaints regarding its close connection to sports. It includes the clubs of the English Premier League.

According to many reports, the remote gambling industry in the United Kingdom pays almost 120 million pounds in sponsorship agreements to clubs in the EPL. On the other hand, the amount of money that the industry pays in terms of contributions to charity in the United Kingdom is insignificant.  When it comes to that, the UKGC recommends that the UK casinos and the bookmakers should donate 0.1% of the annual revenue to GambleAware. GambleAware is the biggest gambling charity in the United Kingdom that funds numerous research, treatment, and educations programs.


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