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The UK Gambling Commission has announced that the gross UK Online Gambling yield witnessed an increase of 29% month-to-month. That was in November, and it is to reach 524 million pounds. It is thanks to the quick and robust recovery in the sports betting sector. In addition, the regulator of the UK online Gambling industry reported that the sports betting revenue from operators accounted for more than 80% of the market. That 80% reached 290.1 million British pounds. That is not all, as the number of active players also witnessed an increase of 7% month-to-month, and the number of bets placed increased by twelve percent.

Great Growth in UK Online Gambling Powered by Sports Betting Revenue

Many unexpected results occurred in sports that helped the great growth in revenue. For example, one of the most prominent surprising results was the loss of the English Premier League champions, Liverpool, against Aston Villa 2-7. When it comes to online slots, the new measures resulted in a rise of ten percent to reach 172.5 million, which is the highest total achieved since May. The sum of active accounts reached 2.8 million, which is also the highest number since the UKGC started publishing its monthly report this year. The number of online slot sessions witnessed a rise of 12% to reach 27 million. As for the number of sessions that lasted more than one hour, they increased in the same ratio. They reached 2.2 million.

In other sectors, the UK online gambling casinos' revenue increased by 11% to reach 362.7 million. Virtual sports betting increased 9% to reach 6.6 million. Online poker increased by 5 percent to reach 8.3 million British Pounds. The only sector in the UK that witness a fall was the online eSports Betting section. The fall was around 39% to reach 795,705 pounds. Land-based casinos reached their highest point this year with 3 percent month-to-month to reach 74.5 million. Lastly, the revenue from service betting terminals reached a high of 41.2 million. It is an increase of 49% month-to-month to reach 41.2 million.

UK Online Gambling Success Do Not Represent the European Scene

The gambling sector in the European Union is still reeling from the bad effects of this year's events. The EGBA (European Gaming and Betting Association) has stated that the betting revenues are going to fall by 23 percent in 2020. The data that the EGBA published, in collaboration with H2 Gambling Capital, found that the gambling revenue of Europe will drop from 98.6m Euros to reach 75.9m Euros in 2020. The Secretary-General of the Association said that they commend the members' effort to keep gambling safe. Despite recent events, he believes that the growth trend in the online sector remains strong. There is also plenty of room for growth in markets like Italy, Spain, and Germany. He explained that the online market's reach in these areas is still relatively low compared to other regions and European members.

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