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The UKGC is going to uphold its Gaming operators to a new rule that will apply on operators in Wales, Scotland, and England. It is going to require these operators to verify the identity of the players before they permit them to gamble. It comes as a part of a series of brand new control that the UKGC is planning to implement. The new Identity Verification rules are going to go in full effect on the 7th of May.

The New Identity Verification Requirements for UK Licensed Operators

From that date, the operators are going to have to verify the name of the customer, address, and his or her birth date, at least, before the player can place any wagers, or even make a deposit to their account. They also have to make such verifications before they can become able to claim any bonuses or free bets. That is not all, as the players will also not be able to access any of the free to play versions of the games. These new measures are going to significantly tighten the identity verification requirements, especially when you compare it to the previous conditions that gave the licensed operators seventy-two hours to carry out any verification checks.

The State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sports Secretary, Jeremy Wright stated that these changes are going to add another protection layer for the young people and children. He said that by extending and applying these strong verification rules, and the fact that they include the free to play games as well, they are making the online environment much safer for the children, and helping to shut down possible path to gambling harm.

The process will start from the moment customers are registering their account. According to the new rules, the operators are going to send a list to the customers with all of the different identify documents, and any other information that they require, and under which circumstances will this information be required, as well as how will they provide it. The operators also have to take reasonable measures to make sure that the data that the players provide remain accurate and up to date.

The new changes to the rules appeared on the scene after the United Kingdom Gambling Commission revealed in March of Last year that some operators were ordering the customers to provide them with additional information regarding their identity before they can withdraw their winnings. At this time, the UKGC also noted that they almost fifteen percent of the complaints it relieved related to that problem. Therefore, identity verification is of grave importance.

New Rules Can Also Help with Self Exclusion Programs

The UKGC also stated that the new rules could help with self-exclusion, as players will provide enough data that would prevent them from overcoming the self-exclusion by creating a new account. So when they provide accurate data, whenever they try to gamble, the correct data will be there, and the operator will compare it with GamStop, the United Kingdom’s self-exclusion register. Therefore these changes will protect the children and those who are prone to problem gambling.

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