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The Gambling Commission is currently seeking advice and contributions towards its plan to develop the brand new strategy for National Responsible Gambling, which should become official by the first few months of 2019. They are seeking out the thoughts and views of everybody through submission on the commission’s internet site. As the UKGC puts it, they are seeking the advice and contribution of as many organization and people as possible. That are seeking these views until February 15th, and it is about five priority areas. These priority areas are the evaluation, treatment, gambling businesses, prevention and inform action.

The New Strategy of the Gambling Commission Approach and Priority Areas

The new approach of the UKGC seems to be more streamlined when you compare it to the current 3-year strategy, which is going to end this upcoming March. It currently has twelve priority actions, which ranges from consulting evaluation to the piloting of interventions. Not all of these priority areas are about the operators, as the strategy is also going to set the agenda for regulators, commissioning organizations, treatment providers, trade bodies and public agencies.

The Commission Spokesperson stated that the decision to have only five priority points is a result of the advice that they received from their advisors, the RGSB (Responsible Gambling Strategy Board), as well as their engagement with organizations that have been a part of delivering the existing strategy.  He also added that they do not want to prejudge the results of the consultation, but they hope that all of the responses would focus more on the way through which they, and other entities that have a role, can make an impact and achieved progress towards minimizing the harmful effects of gambling. They also wish it would focus on recommendations that can protect the players, especially the young players and the children, so they can ensure that gaming is safe and fair.

The UKGC Comments on its Current Strategy

In the annual progress report for the existing strategy, the United Kingdom Gambling Commission expressed its disappointment regarding the progress of numerous priority actions that was a part of the policy back in 2016. Regulus Partners’ analysis commented on the launch of the new consultation for the new strategy by stating that the current three-year Strategy contained numerous apparent mistakes in its execution and formulation.

These mistakes included the weak engagement with the gambling industry at its outset. It means that the operators never considered the strategy to be theirs. When it comes to execution, the support for licenses by Gamble Aware and the Gambling Commission that the Strategy promised never became a reality, and most importantly, the Strategy did not have any plan for the delivery of its priority actions. To be truthful, the Strategy for 2016-2019 has been full of noble aspirations instead of a solid executable strategy. On the other hand, the UKGC seems to be eager to learn from its mistakes, judging from the consultation process’ nature and approach.

The commission is working closely with different regulators including licensing bodies, UK tax authorities, the police as well as the Competition and Markets Authority. In the last few months, it has been collaborating intensely with the Advertising Standards Authority and introduced various rules regarding advertisements.

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