United Kingdom Gambling Operators Compelled to Fund Gambleaware

The United Kingdom Gambling Commission takes gambling responsibility and self-exclusion seriously. Therefore, the UKGC has stated that UK gambling operators now have to provide funding for the nation's self-exclusion program, GambleAware. The operators will have to do that if they wish to be compliant with the license conditions of the UKGC.

GambleAware- Regulatory Funding by UK Gambling Operators

On the first day of this year, January 1st, 2020, the United Kingdom Gambling Commission issued a list of approved organizations. These organizations are the ones that the gambling operators can make financial contributions to so they can meet the conditions of their licenses. The UKGC stated that gambling operators and businesses have a requirement to fulfill. It is making a yearly financial contribution to specific organizations. These organizations should be able to support and deliver research that aims to treat and prevents harmful gambling.  The commission's statement added that they do not specify the amount of the contributions, as this can be considered a levy, which is only a power that the Parliament has.

The List of Organizations that the UKGC Issued

In addition to all of that, the list that the UKGC issued only included three specific organizations. These organizations are GamCare, YGAM (the Trust for Gamers and Gamblers Education), and GambleAware. Only one of these names, which is GambleAware, is the one that caters to the research item in the RET by the UKGC. Therefore, it seems that in the current form of this list, operators are compelled to provide funding to GambleAware so they can avoid the risk of breaching their license. GamCare, on the other hand, is only an approved entity for treatment and prevention, and YGAM is for prevention only.

The Gambling Commission also added that they are going to maintain the list. So they can show the operators how to become compliant with the LCCP requirements. It will help make sure that if the operators contribute to organizations that are not in connection with gambling; these amounts will not participate in fulfilling their LCCP RET requirements. Therefore, they can continue to any organization, but only the ones on the list will count towards the RET requirement.

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