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The United Kingdom is going to go through a wide-ranging review regarding the current gambling laws. It is expected to start next week. According to the result of this review, the online UK casinos that are locally licensed might have to apply a stricter range of controls and protections.

iGaming Laws Review – Revisiting the Gambling Act 2005

According to a new report by the UK newspaper, The Guardian, the new evaluation and revisiting of the Gambling Act of 2005 will be conducted by the DCMS (Department for Digital, Culture, Media, and Sport). The new review is happening amid increasing concerns about the role of online gambling in society. The recent move and review will undoubtedly be appreciated by those who have been advocating for tighter regulations. For instance, there is a group of more than fifty parliamentarians, in addition to those who are recovering from gambling addiction.

The current legislation was previously ratified during the administration of Tony Blair, the former PM. The review will start with the “Terms of Reference” stage, which will be under the direction of Nigel Huddleston, the Sports Minister. Then, the review will discuss the different ways the iGaming Laws and landscape of the UK can be made less prone to abuse and deemed safer for players.

Possible Protection and Changes to the iGaming Laws

There are many changes that might occur in the UK gambling landscape. They include the possibility of forcing iGaming operators to introduce max stake levels and monthly loss ceilings. The new iGaming laws might also force operators to perform enhanced player affordability checks to make sure players can afford to be gambling. In addition, multiple firms would pool the information they have on potentially vulnerable players through a “Single Customer View” policy.

That is not all, as according to reports, the DCMS is also looking into the possibility of requiring operators to slow down the speed of the slot’s spin. It would also require them to provide a new and revised testing regime that would set the new wagering limits for games. The current white-label licensing system that the nation follows is also going to go under review. The review would aim to create a more accountable and responsible iGaming landscape.

iGaming Laws in the Marketing Section

Marketing is a massive part of the iGaming industry. Therefore, the new review will also consider changes to the marketing abilities of gambling operators. It might prevent the operators from advertising their products through sponsorship of leagues and sports teams. It would also look into the integrity and safety of specific existing promotional schemes. These include bonuses, VIP offers, and Free Bets.

The Gambling Industry Feel Uneasy from Possible Law Changes

The expected review of the iGaming Laws prompted fears and warnings from the gambling operators. The industry stated that the implementation of overly-strict regulations might result in the creation of a parallel market. Such a market might lack safety protocols and player protection measures. The Betting and Gaming Council also stated that the review has to provide evidence of its findings. It also has to achieve a balance between protecting players while not spoiling the enjoyment. As this can push them into the unregulated market.

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