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The world is going through many changes, in recent years in general, and 2020 in specific. These changes affect all aspects of our lives, and this includes online gambling. We are going to discuss the changes that happened to the United Kingdom Online Gambling laws in 2020, which is expected to occur in 2021 and even after that.

United Kingdom Online Gambling Changes of 2020

Due to recent events, the UK's gambling commission focused on problem gamblers and how to protect vulnerable players. Therefore, the UKGC is forcing operators to apply affordability checks and to prohibit reverse withdrawals. It also put restrictions on bonuses for players who are showing signs of harmful gambling.

At the beginning of 2020, the UKGC also tightened the requirements regarding player age as well as identity checks. These measures in the United Kingdom Online Gambling laws aim to prevent problem gambling and underage gambling. The companies are also obligated to be able to detect duplicate accounts that are owned by the same person. They will have to apply policies and procedures that guarantee such detection.

A Ban on Credit Card United Kingdom Online Gambling

One of the major changes is, without a doubt, the ban on credit cards. Players will no longer be able to use credit cards to buy credits to place bets at the United Kingdom Online Gambling casinos. It aims to prevent players from wagering with money that they cannot afford. E-wallets can still accept credit cards. On the other hand, these providers have to make sure these cards are not being used for gambling purposes.

GAMSTOP Membership is Mandatory

The UKGC has made it mandatory for United Kingdom Online Gambling operators to join the self-exclusion scheme, GAMSTOP. It aims to prevent problem gamblers from accessing online gambling casinos and websites.

What Is Expected to Change in 2021?

The UKGC has already started an industry-wide consultation regarding the Gambling Act of 2005. One of the expected changes is raising the age limit for purchasing a physical lottery ticket, which includes scratch cards. It is currently 16 years, and the new law will aim to push it to 18 years. The new age limit will go into full effect from October of 2021.

Other rules will include advertisement resections. The United Kingdom Online Gambling operators should be expecting further restrictions on advertisements. It includes displaying any material or images that would normalize gambling for children, which includes football club and league sponsorships.

The United Kingdom Online Gambling Laws – A Future Outlook

As we advance, the UKGC has a lot of regulations and plans for the future. The industry predicts two major things that will change in the next few years. They include tougher licensing standards. It aims to enhance the player experience and apply tighter sanctions for non-compliant companies.

Future laws would also most likely include lowering the maximum stake for online slots. The industry expects that as a result of the cutting down of maximum stake of FOTBs, they predict online slots to follow the same route.

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