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The gambling operators in the United Kingdom got an order from the United Kingdom Regulator to remove unacceptable advertisement as they called it, which are likely to appeal to underage players and children. The regulators in the United Kingdom wrote to the operators jointly, urging these operators to be responsible when it comes to advertising, warning them that sanctions will become active if they do not comply. They highlighted a few games, such as Pirate Princess and Fluffy Favourites, which feature bright cartoon characters, which will appear to children, and might lure them into the world of gambling.

The Letter to the Operations by the United Kingdom Regulator – Advice, and Warning

The United Kingdom Regulator , the Adverting Standards Authority (ASA) and the CAP, sent that letter to over 450 gambling operators in the UK industry.  The letter stressed the fact that they have to protect those who are under 18 years old and other vulnerable players from exploitation. The letter advised the operators to remove and amend the ads immediately. It referred to any ads on the operators’ website or any 3rd part media that is likely to attract and appeal to the people who are aged seventeen or younger, as those ads are available to the general public to view. The letter highlighted the freely available advertisement for free play and play for money games, and this included all of the graphics and the imagery on the website, as well as any 3rd party media outlet or site.

The letter also stated that using a particular color style, comic book images, and cartoons, and any other youth and child-oriented references enhance the appeal of such games to those who are under eighteen years old. It also includes the names of the game such as Jack and the Beanstalk, which is one of the most beloved children stories. The letter also warned that there are possible sanctions, if the operators do not comply with the code of the CAP, which state that marketing and advertisements for gambling have to be socially responsible.

According to research by the United Kingdom Regulator in 2018, more than 450000 children spend money on gambling every week, and about 9000 of them are problem gamblers. The LGA (Local Government Association) backed the letter and the crackdown by stating that the council previously requested more restrictions when it comes to advertising. The Chairman of the LGA’s Safer and Stronger Communities Board, Councilor Simon Blackburn, said that problem gambling is one of the major concerns for many councils, as it can result in personal harm. She added that problem gambling could start a spiral that pushes people deep into debt while deteriorating their well being and mental health. It also has its toll on the society, as well as the taxpayers because of its involvement of disorder and crime, in addition to homelessness and family breakdown. She added that it is crucial that the young people and the children stay safe and away from problem gambling and its harmful effects, and operators have to implement safeguard to make sure that it happens.

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