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Facial recognition technology is rapidly spreading around the world, and this includes New Zealand. It has been increasing for the past 2 or 3 years, and experts predict that it will continue booming throughout the current decade. Even though the technology is causing controversy, it is spreading quickly amongst New Zealand Casinos, as well as airports, stores, and more. The advocates of Facial recognition claim that it helps the casinos to identify problem gamblers as well as criminal behavior.

What is Facial Recognition Technology?

It is a complicated digital technology that can help identify people according to specific facial characteristics. The technology works through the cameras. It uses an algorithm to compare the patron’s faces with the faces already on the database. The facial recognition technology has been around for many years, but many experts claimed that it is not viable due to various flaws. On the other hand, the constant improvement of the technology made it feasible. Many places use the technology nowadays, including the biggest retailers, airports, shops, and casinos. It can help them catch shoplifters and prevent them from entering the store in the first place. There are also reports that state that the police in New Zealand are working on a partnership with US company, DataWorks Plus, to introduce a system like that soon.

SkyCity Entertainment Group Utilizes the Technology

One of the biggest New Zealand casino operators, SkyCity, is now using facial recognition technology in its Auckland, Queenstown, and Hamilton venues. It helps the casino’s staff to identify people with gambling problems, and prevent them from accessing the gaming floors. The facial recognition technology is also existent in SkyCity Adelaide. SkyCity Adelaide is one of the few casinos in Australia to use the technology. The company behind the system at SkyCity Adelaide is Torutek, which is a New Zealand company. According to reports from Adelaide, the new technology helps identify individuals who are trying to disguise themselves.

The same system is under trial at Christchurch Casino. It does not only identify self-excluded players, but it also tracks the amount of time they spend at the casino. So, if a player stays on the casino floor for more than eight hours, it is a problem gambling red flag. Macau casinos have been using facial recognition technology for many years. It also utilizes advanced AI to track the behavior of customers. Therefore, on the other hand, some people believe that it is an invasion of privacy.

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