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[wpsm_button color=”gold” size=”big” link=”/up/playnow/” icon=”none” border_radius=”15″ target=”_blank”]Play Well of Wonders Now[/wpsm_button] [/vc_column_text][vc_st_section background=”#ffffff” padding=”20px”]Well of Wonders by Thunderkick is a marvelous game that has a great theme and a unique format that is like none other online.

The game does not have any reels or lines, as you get a payout when you get three matching symbols across the symbols that float across the screen, in front of the well of wonders.[/vc_st_section][wpsm_offerbox image_id=”739″ price=”100% up to £$€ 1000 Bonus T&C Apply” button_link=”/up/playnow/” button_text=”Play Slot Games Now” title=”Best Casino Slots for Real Money”][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_row_inner][vc_column_inner][vc_column_text][review]

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Well of Wonders Slot Overview

Well of Wonders is a Thunderkick machine that comes with no paylines and no reels, but it can still be quite rewarding. The format of the game is entirely unusual, which is why the game became quite popular, as it offers something that other games do not. The game has an incredible interface. Graphically, the game is outstanding, as the visuals and the textures of the game are next to magic, which is not a surprise from a Thunderkick title. You will get to hear relaxing and magical music that plays in the background as you spin the symbols of the Well of Wonders. So get ready, and before you start making wishes, place your bets and start enjoying the great magical experience that the Thunderkick slot has to offer.

The Story behind the Slots’ Theme

Well of Wonders does not have a clear plot or a theme, as it takes you to a magical fairy tale forest where the well of wonder adventure takes place. The entire games visuals style is magical and fairy-tale like, thanks to the magical textures, the payouts, and the relaxing soundtrack.

The Well of Wonders is a magical well, through which, all of your dreams and wishes can come true. In fact, many people believe that there are fountains which posses magical powers. Therefore, they throw coins in the well, or the fountain, and make wishes. So in away, Well of Wonders slot machine is the same, as you place bets in coins, and in return, all of your dreams of fortunes and rewards will come true as you claim the rewards that the video slot machine has to offer.

Gaming Format and Visuals

The slot machine does not have a regular setup that has a grid of symbols like most slot machines. The slot machine’s symbols just float in mid air from the well of wonders, which is not a shocker since the game is all about magic.  Although, you will still find the control panel of the slot underneath the symbols at the bottom of the game’s screen. This control panel of the slot includes the spin button, the bets, the auto play and the settings button. Like most Thunderkick games, the slot machine has a set of predetermined wager that you can pick from for each spin. These bets vary between 0.10 and 100 credits for each single spin.

The game’s background is colorful, and it takes place in the beautiful, magical forest. Therefore, you will see large trees, with pixie dust floating all over the place. You will also see the magical well of wonders, with magical runes engraved on it. As for the symbols that appear floating in mid-air, they include magical fruits and beans that are out of this world. They all come in great designs and colors that will surely provide you with a visually satisfying experience.


Well of Wonders does not have lines, but it pays players another way, as it pays you whenever you manage to get three matching magical symbols anywhere. So getting three identical magical symbols will grant you a payout, and this payout depends on the stake you placed, and the icon that you were able to match. You can get up to 7 matching icons, which is the total number of symbols appearing on the screen per round.

The biggest payout that the slot machine can give is equal 5000. You can claim that amount when you get 7x of the red occult symbol after placing the largest bet of 100 credits. As for the smallest payout, it is equal 0.02. You claim this amount when you get 3 of the blue, yellow or green symbol while placing the smallest bet of 0.01 credits.

Bonus Rounds and Special Features

Thunderkick has a reputation for creating games that come with many winning chances, bonuses and features. All of these functions and winning chances make sure that your stay at the game is worth it, as you leave the game a happy man with a fatter wallet. Apart from the regular prizes that you can claim by getting matching symbols, the game has the fairy feature, a multiplier, and a wild symbol.

The Wild Symbol:

Like any wild, this symbol is going to help you earn the best possible award by substituting the icon that is going to result in the best payout. In the case of this game, it is simply going to transform to the symbol that has more positions on the screen.  The wild symbol is the “W” icon.


Whenever you manage to earn a payout by getting matching symbols, the matching symbols will disappear, and new ones will emerge from the well to take their place to give you another chance of claiming a payout.


With every re-spin that you trigger by forming a payout, a multiplier will become active.  You can keep getting higher multipliers as you form consecutive wins, up to a multiplier of 32x.

The Fairy Feature:

The fairy, which is one of the most famous magical creatures, can enter the game at random. If there is no win while the fairy is here, she is going to remove all icons that land in singular giving you a re-spin with a multiplier for another chance of winning.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row row_container=”yes” font_color=”#411d93″][vc_column][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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