Wild Antics

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[wpsm_button color=”gold” size=”big” link=”/up/playnow/” icon=”none” border_radius=”15″ target=”_blank”]Play Wild Antics Now[/wpsm_button] [/vc_column_text][vc_st_section background=”#ffffff” padding=”20px”]Wild Antics takes you into the world of ants for fun and an entertaining experience that has a lot of rewards and features.

The new game by Leander Games has five reels with a total of 40 lines. The game has amazing 3D visuals that will make sure you enjoy an immersive ride.[/vc_st_section][wpsm_offerbox image_id=”739″ price=”100% up to £$€ 1000 Bonus T&C Apply” button_link=”/up/playnow/” button_text=”Play Slot Games Now” title=”Best Casino Slots for Real Money”][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_row_inner][vc_column_inner][vc_column_text][review]

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Slot Overview

Wild Antics is a remarkable game by Leander Games; it is one of the latest games by the developer hat you can enjoy here for free before playing it for real at online casinos. The slot machine takes you into the world of the ants, like the movie A Bug’s life where you will join Adam, the ant, in a great adventure that is full of rewards and bonuses.

The slot machine has 40 lines, which can be quite rewarding, as well as a great set of bonuses and features that you can take advantage of during the gameplay.

The Story behind the Slots’ Theme

Wild Antics takes you into the life of an ant called Adam. From the moment you open the game, you will feel yourself getting immersed into an animated-like environment that looks like Pixar and Disney movies. In fact, the game looks a lot like the movie “A Bug’s Life.” Just like the film, the game has its characters that will appear as symbols across the reels of the slot machine. They include Adam, the Queen ant, the colonel ant, the soldier ant, and the worker ant. So get ready to join the ant in an incredible adventure that comes with great visuals, and comes packing various rewards.

Gaming Format and Visuals

The graphics of the game are of high quality, which is something to expect from a Leander Games slot machine. The games come in 3D, and they can become animated when they are a part of a winning combo. The game has forty lines, which come across the five reels of the slot machine. As for the visuals, they include all of the characters of the game, plant leaves, a snail, a fly and the standard colorful poker symbols. As for stakes, they vary between 0.20 and 500 credits for each spin.


Wild Antics comes with a lot of winning opportunities for players to take advantage of during the gameplay. You will be able to claim these winning chances through the 40 lines of the game, as well as the game’s multiple bonus features. The regular line payouts of the game vary between 4 and 500 coins.

Bonus Rounds and Special Features

Wild Antics is a highly rewarding video slot machine that comes with many winning chances and rewards. The game’s bonuses and features are all inspired by the Ant Life theme of the slot machine. You can find all of the machine's features and bonuses at the paytable. You can view that paytable with ease during the gameplay by clicking on the “I” button in the circle on the left corner of the reels. The game has a wild ant symbol, the matching bonus, Jet Pack Antics, Roaming Wilds, Multiplying Roaming Wilds, Colossal Roaming Wilds and Expanding Roaming Wilds.

The Wild Ant Symbol:

The blue ant is the wild symbol of the slot machine. The wild blue ant can substitute for all other symbols across the reels of the game. It will replace the symbols that are going to result in the best payouts possible. On the other hand, there are five symbols that the wild cannot replace. These symbols are the bonus ant symbols. Apart from replacing other symbols to help create payouts, the wild itself can give lavish line prizes if you match from 2 to 5 of the Wild blue ant on any line.

The Matching Bonus:

The matching bonus is just one of the many bonuses that the slot machine has to offer. To trigger this bonus, you will have to get the pink ant bonus symbol on reels 1 and 3, and the worker bonus ant, the soldier bonus ant, the colonel bonus ant and the Queen Bonus ant on reel 5.

Jet Pack Antics:

Randomly during any of the spins, Adam the Ant can appear at random and cause some crazy and wild Antics. These antics include:

  • AARDVARK Antics: It is where Adam will turn entire reels into wild ones and boosts up to forty win lines.
  • FRANTIC Antics: Adam the Ant is going to shuffle the symbols on the reels to form better winning combinations.
  • COLOSSAL Antics: Adam will march on the reels of the game and will award you some enormous wilds.
  • WILD Antics: Some positions on the reels will turn into wild antics, helping you form many payouts.

The Roaming Wilds Free Spins:

If you get two bonus icons, plus one of the four bonus ants, you will trigger the free spins; the Roaming Free spins with a feature that depends on which Bonus Ant you got.

  • Roaming Wilds: You trigger the free spins when you get two bonus ant symbols with the worker bonus ant symbol. You will trigger free spins that come with roaming wilds. Therefore, any wild that appears on the reels is going to roam the reels.
  • Multiplying Roaming Wilds: You will trigger free spins with roaming wilds that will roam the reels and multiply your rewards. To trigger this feature, you will need to get two bonus ant symbols and the soldier bonus ant. The multipliers vary between x2 and x5.
  • Expanding Roaming Wilds: You will claim free spins with roaming wilds that can expand to cover entire reels when you get the two bonus ant symbols with the colonel ant symbol.
  • Colossal Roaming Wilds: Getting two bonus ant symbols with the Queen bonus symbols will trigger this type of free spins, Colossal wilds will roam the reels, taking up to 9 symbol positions.
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