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As technology has steadily risen over the past few decades, the amount of ways we use it has increased and diversified. Computer and video gaming have changed even over the past few years. As video game developers learn about their craft and acquire new ways to create games, video games continue to become more realistic. Now, in 2017, some games have become so realistic that people purchase tickets to watch some of their favorite gamers battle each other, casino esports.

Casino ESports has the largest crowd of competitive computer gaming fans. These competitive events have now started to fill entire stadiums, simply to watch two gamers go head to head. These tournaments aren’t just for fun either; now the professional computer gamers are competing for large sums of money. As this industry continues to grow, the stakes will be higher, and the crowds will be bigger. ESports alone is projecting to increase its revenue to $1.5B in 2019.

Casino ESports -What is it all about?

Because of the increasing popularity of ESports gaming competitions, casinos all over the world are beginning to look for new ways to incorporate ESports tournaments into their businesses. Luckily, the Casino ESports Conference was put together solely to help casinos bring casino ESports to their gamblers. On September 7th and 8th, gaming developers, marketers, casino owners, and players, from all over the world will all join at the Casino ESports Conference to take massive steps towards introducing competitive computer gaming to casinos all over.

The event is said to have live events, seminars, networking opportunities and more. All of which will contribute to helping international gaming facilities introduce this exciting new gaming style to their establishments. Fox Marketing organized the event in hopes to help the casino and eGaming communities. Many of the individuals attending the conference will focus on bonding those two communities so that eGaming and casino ESports will soon make it into casinos all around which mean lawyers will be attending as well as software and hardware developers. Casino ESport betting companies will also be there in addition to casino junkets and other professionals in the eGaming and casino space.

There will also be many guest speakers attending that will speak at live shows and demonstrations on how to push casino ESports into casinos effectively. Some of the speakers that have are top iGaming consultants as well as investors, such as, Mr. Ian Smith and the founder of the iGaming capital, Mrs. Melissa Blau. The Chief of the Nevada Gaming Control’s Board, Mr. Karl Bennison will also be there.

So, this event should help to change the scope of eGaming and Casino ESports in the casino world. Many attendees are hoping to see new profitability come from implementing these new games at their casinos. It will also help to draw new clientele to their casinos by offering such a new and innovative way to gamble. Soon, casinos everywhere will be hosting tournaments of computer gaming, and it will become a regular part of casinos everywhere.

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