Catena Media Searches for New CEO After Andersson Resigns

Catena Media is one of Europe’s most extensive affiliate networks. Their job is to help online gambling operators generate leads and maximize their revenue. In a recent corporate statement, however, the company announced that Mr. Robert Andersson, their Chief Executive Officer has decided to depart from the company; this is effective immediately.

Currently, the company has installed Mr. Henrik Persson Ekdahl as their current Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Ekdahl previously worked as the executive to Betsson AB, so he is not new to this type of role. He is also a current partner of Optimizer Invest, a Malta-based business venture capital agency. Also, he is a board advisor for Catena Media governance.

Optimizer Invest plays a vital role in the business ventures of Catena Media. As an industry leading affiliate network, Catena Media has been able to expand its services as well as portfolio through intense mergers and acquisitions with the help of Optimizer Invest.

Catena Media has not released any details as to why Andersson suddenly decided to resign, but those details may come later. The company only announced the change in leadership roles they would be experiencing.

Chairwoman for Catena Media, Mrs. Kathryn Moore Baker, had a comment on the matter stating, “Catena Media has been through several growth stages in a short period. Robert Andersson’s assignment was to take the company through an IPO and later to introduce it to Nasdaq Stockholm’s main market, which he did with great results. Now, a new phase starts, which marks a new era in Catena Media’s success going forward. We are very pleased that Henrik Persson Ekdahl will take over as acting CEO. It sets the tone for what we want to achieve in the future. We will continue with our strong growth strategy and look for a permanent CEO in due time.”

In May 2015, Catena appointed Andersson to the position of CEO at Catena Media. He followed the company’s co-founders Mr. Erik Bergman and Emil Thidell. He took over all operational leadership responsibilities after his appointment.

Andersson oversaw a great deal of growth for the company. During his time at Catena, the company acquired, CasinoUK, and Slotsia Sweden. All of these were multimillion affiliates. He also saw the company make an incredibly aggressive push to become a leader in its industry.

Catena has not specified just how long Ekdahl will serve as CEO, Mrs. Baker confirmed that they are actively seeking a replacement for Andersson’s former role.

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