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A new report that has been released by the Industry Group for Responsible Gambling has shown that the industry's push for responsible gambling has had its shortcomings. The 85-page report was titled ‘Revealing Reality' and shows the successes and failures in the UK gambling industry. The report went on to say that the UK gambling industry has ‘earned praise for positive progress, ‘ but on the other hand, other areas have shown ‘frequent disappointment' when it comes to advertising.

The Advertising Standards Authority has made it known that the UK online and brick and mortar gaming industry have been using misleading advertising to get more players to gamble. The ASA reprimanded all of the major UK gambling institutions and have warned the gambling institutions that they do not want to see any more misleading advertisements in the future.

Gala Bingo was one of the sites that the Advertising Standards Authority reprimanded. Gala Bingo executives and representatives have said that they have changed the advertising companies that they work with since being confronted by the ASA.

The report by the Industry Group for Responsible Gaming went into detail about the misleading ads that were being produced by the gambling companies. One complaint said that the gambling companies were not being creative enough when it came to creating their ads. The report stated that leaflets found at the gaming spots were ‘overly long and boring.' It also went on to say that the online messaging of the companies were put together and formatted in a style that gave players the sense that there were ‘onerous terms and conditions' that players had to meet to play at a particular gambling institution.

The industry report interviewed scores of gamblers. They complain that the interaction between the players and institution was far from the casualness shown in the advertisements. One particular incident was a gambling staffer telling a player that sitting in a chair while at a specific slot machine could give them good luck at winning. The report stated that this could leave a wrong impression with gamblers because they would think that they would have to play in a chair to win. There could also be the fact of losing even though they were in the chair.

Overall, the report went on to say that the gambling staff was very knowledgeable in their job. It did go on to say that the workers needed to have the responsible gambling message ingrained in them and knowing how to deliver that message to gamblers into their day to day roles.

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