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Gaming Africa is a two-day event focusing on expanding the international gaming business into Africa. Industry experts will be gathering together on the 24th and 25th of October this year to discuss a plethora of content surrounding the African gaming market.

Mr. Peter Mireku, the Commissioner for the Gaming Commission of Ghana, is hoping to see 2017’s Gaming Africa conference change some of the world’s negative perceptions about the international gaming industry. The event will happen in Johannesburg, South Africa this year. Mr. Mireku believes the conference will show that the continent is ready for growth within the gaming industry and is excited to provide such a professional and high-profile showcase this year.

The Commissioner will also be speaking at this year’s conference. In building up excitement for the event, Mr. Mireku talked to some individuals about why the meeting is essential to him. He was quoted saying that each jurisdiction of gaming needs a focal point. He went on to mention that Africa has 54 countries, and every country’s gaming industry is growing at a different rate as well as a different direction.

He hopes this event will bring information and insight from all over the world that industry professionals of Africa can use to take new steps in their companies. Mr. Mireku also believes that the event will help to shed a new, positive light on the industry. The commissioner wants to show the world that casino and gaming business are making intense efforts to promote and enforce responsible gaming.

The event also hopes to show that the gaming industry leads technology innovation across the globe. Much of the technology used today originally came from a gaming innovation and was adapted for other purposes.

Mr. Mireku didn’t stop there. He also commented on his hopes that the event would be just as much about listening as it was about speaking and learning. With incredible minds from across the world, it is important for attendees to keep their ears and minds open. He noted that many people would be representing new business ventures for many African companies, and they should be open to working with new people.

He hopes to see this event come together and drive the gaming industry in Africa to new heights. With new partnerships, new knowledge, and a fresh perspective, the gaming industry of Africa can genuinely grow at a remarkable rate after this conference.

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