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Genius Sports is one of the world’s leading providers of sports data technology. Headquartered in London, the company works with some of the largest sports federations in the world sending them essential information on a regular basis. They also work to ensure that all league or federation data is either kept private or commercialized properly.

Recently, Genius Sports has decided to add a new member to their team, Mr. Kevin Carpenter. Mr. Carpenter is a well-known sports lawyer in the UK. His new title will be the Special Counsel, Sports Integrity. This position is incredibly important to the success of Genius Sports. Mr. Carpenter will be responsible for heading the company’s consultancy as well as education services. He will be essential to ensuring data is delivered and successfully managed while maintaining a strong partnership with the leagues and federations that Genius Sports supports.

Also, Mr. Carpenter’s position will help him to make sure that there is no match-fixing or other types of betting related threats. He’s also working as an advisory with Genius Sports’ partners. This part of the job will include running audits. These reviews make sure to implement all regulations and sanctions correctly.

Carpenter’s background in law will serve him well in his new position. In the past, he has advised large organizations such as IOC, INTERPOL, and even FIFA. He has also worked with the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime as well as the Council of Europe.

The former lawyer has also previously worked with other groups preventing the obstruction of fair gaming. Mr. Carpenter was a member of the Badminton World Federation’s External Judicial Experts Group. He also was nominated to be the first chair of the eSports Integrity Coalition.

As of right now, Genius Sports offers a variety of consultancy services. They also give expert advice that helps investigations with their partner leagues and federations. These partners also receive specialized education programs that help preserve each league or Federation's integrity while informing staff members about how to report any match-fixing or any other betting related activities. Team members will also learn how to spot these activities and work to prevent them.

Mr. Carpenter commented on his new position with Genius Sports, saying, “Genius Sports has rapidly established itself as a true leader in sports integrity, not only in the protection against match-fixing and betting-related corruption but also in their commitment to forming official, long-term partnerships that enable sports to enhance their operational efficiency, better engage with fans and maximise their commercial potential.”

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