Gibraltar Offers Head of Gambling Division Position to Andrew Lyman

Gibraltar is a British overseas territory located off of Spain’s Southern coast. The territory has now decided to appoint a new head of their government’s Gambling Division.

Gibraltar offered William Hill’s former director of regulatory affairs the new role. Mr. Andrew Lyman will soon be acting as the head of Gibraltar’s Gambling Division.

Mr. Lyman will be operating within his new position in January of 2018. He is succeeding Mr. Phil Brear who held the role for nearly an entire decade. Mr. Brear isn’t leaving though; he is only stepping down into an advisory role within the Gambling Division.

Andrew Lyman worked with William Hill for many years. For the past eight years, he worked as head of public affairs as well as director of group regulatory affairs. Previously, Lyman was the Association of British Bookmakers’ Chief Executive Officer. He also worked with the UK Gambling Commission as director of monitoring and enforcement. He also spent time as an enforcement lawyer and investigator at Financial Services Authority, in addition to serving as a tax investigations manager at PriceWaterhouseCoopers.

The Minister with responsibility for Gambling, Mr. Albert Isola commented on Lyman’s appointment saying, “Andrew is very well known in the industry, here in the UK and further afield, as an authoritative voice on policy, regulation, public affairs and the operation and development of all aspects of remote and non-remote gambling. His experience with HMRC, the FSA, the Gambling Commission, William Hill and more widely with industry bodies made him an outstanding candidate in the selection process, and we are delighted he is joining us in Gibraltar.”

Lyman was hired to create the plans for new regulatory and policies that he will then introduce to Gibraltar sometime in 2018. He will be using a review of the 2016 Gibraltar Gambling Act to guide his new proposals.

Mr. Isola commented further saying, “Andrew will now be driving the excellent work of the Gambling Division and enhancing that process. The government recognises that this area needs more resources and support and we are very fortunate to have Andrew joining us. I am pleased that we will continue to have the experience, knowledge, and support of Phil Brear in his new position supporting Andrew and Government in this area. Gibraltar remains committed to supporting the gaming community and to providing the very best in remote and all other gambling services, safely and securely, and Andrew's appointment reflects this commitment and determination to remain best in class.”

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