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The company Ladbrokes has been currently placed under investigation as accusations were made against it claiming that there was some staff who openly observed an addict withdraw multiple payday loans worth hundreds of pounds for the sole use of placing further bets. The Gambling Commission has begun the investigation on the casino in hopes of uncovering the truth to take measures against companies promoting gambling addiction.

The gambler allegedly placed the stakes on fixed-odds betting terminals. The event has stirred up many campaigners who hope to prevent gambling addiction from spreading throughout the country. The incident has also sparked worry among essential members of the debt counseling service, which has notified that it has been witnessing an unusual increase in addicts withdrawing absurd loans to fuel their addiction while giving little concern to the consequences that will soon follow.

A particular ex-gambling addict named Paul Jones claimed to have withdrawn two, separate payday loans with unreasonable interest rates to fund his gripping addiction. The shocking part of the matter is that Jones states that he requested both loans over the phone standing directly in the presence of employees in Ladbrokes’ Birmingham branch. He also claims that the staff there were not only fully aware of the loans he was receiving, but they even assisted him in checking his account (via debit card swipe) to ensure that the money was put into his bank account.

Paul was able to verify his statements after he presented bank information which showed multiple transactions between a variety of loan companies and Ladbrokes. His addiction led him to great lengths as he took two separate loans within a 30 minute time frame and lost it all promptly. He was addicted to FOBT machines which allow gamblers to place £100 bet repeatedly three times every minute.

The chances are placed with 20-second intervals only, and can easily cause addicted gamblers to blow massive amounts in just minutes time. He claims to have checked with the employees at Ladbrokes often to see if his payday loans had arrived so he could continue on his destructive path. Like many others, Jones got addicted to gambling quickly, as he believed eventually, one way or another, the machine would generate back his losses along with the opportunity to win more.

Gambling operators are required by the code of practice, enforced by the Gambling Commission, to establish policies which are utilized when specific individuals portray signs or behaviors which could infer they may have a gambling addiction. Employees are by code, not allowed to simply enable customers to rampantly bet away all of their belongings alongside money they do not currently hold, to fuel the fire of their gambling problem.

Paul Jones reports that staff on site at the Ladbrokes facility took no counter-effort to disengage him from receiving these loans but rather observed from the sidelines while he funneled all of this capital straight into the gambling devices.

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