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Australia has chosen to prevent a multibillion dollar investment from building a massive casino on the Gold Coast in an area known as the Spit. This investment came partly from China and partly from Australia, but the locals were upset about the plans. Australians from the area objected to the idea, mainly due to the size of the casino. The investment was put together by ASF Consortium and included two state owned Chinese companies as well as a Chinese-Australian investment firm. The investment proposed was to be A$3 billion resort and casino. It was meant to provide more lodging for tourists in the area while also providing a local casino for tourists and locals alike. The compound was intended to cover a massive area and include lots of amenities.

The resort was planned to be right on the coast, with rooms where both tourists and residents could overlook the water and include multiple hotels. Also, there would be retail shops, entertainment facilities, residential properties, and areas where conferences could take place. However, the locals were upset about the proposed plans, and the government shut it down. The community was incredibly critical of the plan, mentioning that the plans would hurt other local entertainment profits, casinos, and other gambling venues. Environmental groups were not very fond of the proposal either, stating that the compound’s impact on local wildlife would be upsetting. Because of the backlash from locals, the state government decided to “terminate the proposed ASF development.”

Jackie Trad, the state’s Infrastructure and Planning Minister weighed-in stating that it is important to balance the production of commercial facilities with the local community’s values while also protecting wildlife. ASF didn’t respond to the termination quickly. The cessation of this proposal was the second hit the casino industry in Queensland has taken a hit. Still, local-led community groups have discussed plans for the area, and have not ruled out plans for a casino in the future. Locals want the Spit to become an asset to their community. They want it to leave a legacy that future generations can enjoy for many years. The area will most likely continue to be discussed for a few years before locals decide on a plan for the Spit. Hopefully, locals will soon find a conclusion, and the program will help build up the economy of Queensland.

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