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The second-largest telecommunications company in Australia is making significant moves through partnerships. Singtel Optus Pty Limited, typically referred to as just, “Octus,” has recently agreed with Tabcorp. This company is known for its gaming, betting, and Keno operator. It is also one largest public gaming enterprises in the world. Tabcorp Holdings Limited also has a supporting media arm, that will assist in this new agreement.

Optus has agreed to broadcast Premier League matches over its entire retail network. While Optus holds Premier League games as exclusive content, it will know show all over the country in virtually every Tabcorp venue. This makes the matches extremely accessible to the general public. 4,500 Tabcorp venues will now have access to the matches.

As time goes on, Optus will continue to install its exclusive Premier League content within Tabcorp venues. This will be done through Optus’ broadcast system called Sky Racing.

This partnership implies that Tabcorp will boost its football crowd immensely on match days. Especially since Optus is responsible for broadcasting the 2018 FIFA world cup. The tournament will take place in Russia this year, with Optus grabbing every angle and insight of each game over the course of the tournament.

Mr. David Attenborough, the CEO of Tabcorp Holdings Limited, stated that he was very excited about what this partnership cold do for Optus and Tabcorp. He included that, “the deal represented a major content and engagement boost for Tabcorp venues division.”

Mr. Attenborough also added that, “The broadcast of the English Premier League and the 2018 FIFA World Cup to hotels, clubs and TAB (Tabcorp) agencies will deliver additional benefits to our venue partners.” The CEO seems very hopeful and positive about this new endeavor with Optus.

The Optus management team also had something to say. They included that this new Tabcorp venue deal was a key element in helping the firm grow its reach and expand its coverage. This will drive their profits because they are seeking competition against other Australian sports media firms.

“Outside of the three codes of racing, soccer is consistently one of the most popular sports with Tabcorp customers, and the Premier League is the most popular soccer competition,” showing that this new venture will really help to drive interest, attention, and revenue for Optus and Tabcorp over the course of 2018.

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