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Affiliate programs are getting a lot of heat lately, so PaddyPower Betfair took matters into their own hands. To ensure they are consistent with their regulations, enforced by the UK Gambling Commission, they are now employing a brand new “1 Strike Policy” for all of their affiliates.

While in communication with the Gambling Portal Webmasters Association (GPWA), they announced that if they discover any affiliate conducting business outside of their regulations’ guidelines, that affiliate will immediately be terminated from the program.

All affiliates know the general guidelines for business, but just to be sure, PaddyPower Betfair gave them an outline of the general activities they should avoid in order to keep their affiliate status.

The list of actions to avoid includes things like SMS marketing which is essentially texting consumers about business operations. Advertorial marketing will also result in termination in addition to “pop unders.” No media buying will be allowed unless the affiliate is able to set a domain list including where their brand will show up. The affiliate must also be utilizing a provided creative, and submit this domain list to PaddyPower Betfair.

The operator, PaddyPower Betfair, also discouraged the use of mass email marketing, especially if the email, sent to a database of consumers, appears as if it is coming from PaddyPower Betfair themselves.

In addition, the operator advised affiliates against implying success is gauranteed on tipping style or challenging pages. They also must include that whatever the challenge page is advertising is, in fact, challenging.

Another regulation PaddyPower Betfair is enforcing is a policy that says any and all sign-up offers must include the words “New Customer Offer, T&C’s Apply 18+.” If the affiliate chooses to market itself on social media, they must include that only those 18 and up are allowed to utilize the site.

If the affiliate prefers to use paid social advertisements, they must ensure that all of the paid ads only advertise the affiliate site, and never advertise for PaddyPower Betfair’s brand. This should always be clear on the advertisement.

Unless an affiliate has creative signed off by a member of the PaddyPower Betfair team, they should only use provided creative from the operator’s media library and/or Dropbox folders. This means no homemade creative should be used in the advertising and marketing process.

Because of all the brands that have taken a hit due to their delinquent affiliates, PaddyPower Betfair decided to bring down the hammer. A “1 Strike Policy” will hopefully eliminate any catastrophic affiliate activities for the brand, and they will stay out of the line of fire from heat about operators and their affiliates from the media.

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