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SBTech is one of the world’s leading bookmakers. They focus on sports betting while also providing management services to their group of over 50 partners across the globe.

As the UK continues to discuss their plans to tighten regulations on the gambling industry, SBTech has decided to further tap into their American market before things get too hard in Britain.

The bookmaker has chosen to open a brand new office in the States at the beginning of 2018. A spokesperson for SBTech commented on the UK’s push to regulate the gaming industry further. This drive for regulation led to the bookmaker’s decision to open an office in the United States. The spokesperson said, “The Supreme Court hearing set for this autumn means the US stands at a key moment in relation to sports betting and the potential for it to be regulated across the country.”

He also mentioned that SBTech is already a member of the American Gambling Association’s (AGA) betting task force. He continued to say, “SBTech is already an active participant and stakeholder in the ongoing discussions and having a physical office there will enable the company to be at the heart of proceedings.”

So, the company will expand and progress in their American market, and they are hoping this will offset any decreases in revenue they have in the UK after the government makes their decisions regarding the future of gambling across the country.

The spokesperson continued saying, “SBTech’s ambition is to be an active stakeholder in the ongoing discussions relating to sports betting regulation in the US and creating long-lasting partnerships with some of the most prominent US gaming operators. The group is committed to working there for the long term and will be launching innovations and localised features developed specifically for US players and based on its deep knowledge of American sports. Adding that its target is “to be ‘on the ground’ during what we hope will be a momentous event for US betting and cement SBTech’s position in the US market as a leading supplier of sports betting solutions to the regulated market there.”

Even though Nevada is currently the only state that allows sports betting, other states are introducing the idea of opening a regulated market; this would open a ton of new business opportunities for SBTech. However, this would require an overturn of the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992.

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