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Sports and betting companies donate the most money to Members of Parliament each year. Luckily, in recent years, Parliament has enforced regulations that release the list of donators to the public. It seems each year that these new rules become tighter and tighter.

The reasons these rules were created was to let the public decide if some companies were making donations to influence MPs positions on different matters. This is obviously unjust, which is why the rules are being tightened so often. In the sports and betting industry, MPs opinions matter a lot since the country’s gambling industry is regularly discussed. These companies want support from the government in voting on laws that directly affect the industry.

Those of the gambling agree that a free society allows adults of all ages to decide what to do with their money. This includes choosing whether or not to gamble using the money they have earned. As long as adults are not harming others with how they use their money, there is not a problem.

However, this is where the problem begins and ends. Gambling can lead to addictive behavior. This leads the government to involve themselves in the industry. The government regulates the betting and gambling industry to prevent regular gamblers from forming addictive gambling habits and squandering all of their money.

These regulations, obviously, give gambling companies an incentive for donating too MPs. They do this in hopes to gain support for Members of Parliament so that there industry does not become too heavily regulated.

Large companies within the betting industry claim their only goal in donating to MPs is to ensure they are voting from a “position of knowledge.” The public can’t argue with this notion.

Casinos, bookmakers, and other businesses in the industry employ a large amount of the English population. They also pay large amounts of taxes. These companies are allowed to seek support from those who make and vote on the UK’s laws. However, some members of the public think that taking MPs to football matches and other events crosses a line into a sort of bribery.

Those not in favor of gambling feel that these companies are more so bribing MPs rather than informing them. With new regulations being discussed, casinos and bookmakers are interested in MPs opinions now more than ever. The English population is interested to see if and when the government will stop allowing gambling companies to provide and gifts and donations to Members of Parliament.

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