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With a slew of recent events, the Responsible Gambling industry has been all over the news. Gamblers and citizens alike have been made aware of the UK’s problems with gambling. Estimates say that 500,00 citizens of Britain suffer from gambling addictions.

Responsible Gambling in the United Kingdom

Online casinos have also been receiving some heat from the media for not protecting their patrons from their addictions. Many groups of people are also asking the government to lowers the maximum bet on Fixed-Odds-Betting-Machines from £100 to only £2.

Now, the UK is beginning an annual tradition called “Responsible Gambling Week.” The inaugural week for raising awareness for responsible gambling will happen October 12-18 this year. The week of awareness will represent all gaming types and sectors.

The Industry Group for Responsible Gaming is leading “Responsible Gambling Week.” The group will specifically be talking about iGaming, Online Casinos, Bingo Clubs, as well as arcades, and bookmakers.

Many industry professionals and companies are happy to take part in the events happening between the 12th and 18th of October. Over 10,000 gambling venues have agreed to participate. Another 121,000 employees are excited to join as well.

This week is the industry’s largest social Responsible Gambling event ever, and everyone seems to be buzzing about the upcoming week. With such a large amount of individuals and businesses participating, the industry will have a very loud voice.

The week aims to get people talking about better ways to prevent or stop unhealthy gambling habits. The Industry Group for Responsible gaming wants more and more people talking about responsible gaming as well as identify the best ways for those with an addiction to reach out and get help. The week is also intended to give companies and casinos the tools to promote responsible gaming within their business.

Chair of the Strategy Board, Sir Christopher Kelly commented on the excitement of the week saying, “Public engagement is one of the 12 priority actions identified in the National Responsible Gambling Strategy. We need to learn from the experience of consumers and their families, and to use this to make gambling safer. So I welcome the theme of IGRG’s Responsible Gambling Week ‘let’s talk about responsible gambling. Let’s make sure we learn as much as we can from it.”

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