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EuroMillions, a Mega Million Lottery in Europe

What is EuroMillions?

EuroMillions is one of the largest lotteries played in the world. EuroMillions is a multinational lottery that was launched in the partnership of Francaise des Jeux from France, Camelot from the United Kingdom and Loterias y Apuestas del Estado from Spain. Founded on 7th February 2004, the transnational lottery covers nine European countries. The countries include the UK, France, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Austria, and Ireland. There are no restrictions on participation on nationality as long as the participant is 18 years and above, except for the UK which is 16 years.

The EuroMillions draw began on 13th February 2004 in Paris, France. Only France, UK and Spain participated in the first draw while the other six countries joined the draw from 8th October 2004. The wins including the Jackpots are paid in lump sum. From the beginning, the prizes won in all participating countries were tax-free. However, Spain, Switzerland, and Portugal began charging taxes from 2013.

How to Play EuroMillions

The player can buy an online ticket from the official website. Also, on can download the app for Android or Apple or even buy a ticket from an authorized retailer’s outlet. The standard cost for the EuroMillions ticket per play goes for £ 2.50, € 2.50 or CHF 3.50. There are adding on option referred to as ‘Plus’ that cost additional € 1.00 per line. However, it is only available in Portugal and Ireland. Also, from 2014, there was an inclusion of ‘My Million,' a non-optional addition only available in France for € 0.50 per line.

To play, one has to choose five lucky numbers. The numbers chosen can be any number from one to fifty. From 12 pool numbers, there are two separate lucky star numbers. Also, the player can select the Lucky Dip. A random Millionaire Maker entry is automatically generated every time one plays. The Millionaire Maker entry draw takes place during the lotto draw.

The lottery draws usually are done on every Fridays and Tuesdays from 20.45 CET in France. The draw results are published at around 23.00 hours on independent and associated websites. For the participant to play, they must select five main numbers. The pool number of the lucky star changed from September 2016 from 11 to 12. Therefore, it decreased the winning odds for the jackpot to 1:140 million from 1:117 million.

There are Super Draws and Events Draws. Super Draw involves super drawings if the jackpot is fixed to guaranteed amount, generally at €100 million. If not won, the Super Draw jackpot it rolls over to the next draw. Event draw jackpot will typically be dispersed among winners at the lower next tier. Each time the prize is not won, the amount grows up to a maximum of 190 million Euros. Up to date, the maximum amount of € 190 million has been won three times. One by a British Couple in August 2012, another by a Portuguese player in October 2014, and in October 2017 by a Spanish player

The EuroMillions Trust Account

For the players’ interest, a Trust Accounts was established by the participating national lottery. The Trust Accounts are utilized to settle all the amounts due as well as holding the future prizes amounts.

The ten largest jackpots win .

Since 2004 when the EuroMillions began, there has been at least one jackpot winner from each of the nine participating countries. To date, a total of 375 jackpot winners have been registered. France led with 87 winners totaling over 8.6 billion won. Spain follows it with 83 winners, and the UK has 68 winners totaling over £7 billion in combined wins. Portugal has 66 winners, Belgium 29, Austria 14, and Ireland 11. Luxembourg and Switzerland have less than ten winners.

More success on EuroMillions jackpot winners has been registered on Friday’s. A total of 299 have been won on the final day compared to 66 on Tuesday’s. To date, the total winners are 2,304,390,806.

The following are the ten most significant prize won.

• On 6th October 2017, € 190 million was earned from Jinamar, Spain by a draw number 1048
• On 24th October 2014, 190 million Euros won from Castelo Branco, Portugal, draw number 740
• On August 10th 2012, £148 million won by Adrian and Gillian Bayford, British citizens couple from Haverhill, Suffolk. The draw number was 510.
• July 12th July 2012, Collins and Chris from the UK won £161,653,000 with a draw number 397
• November 13th, 2012, a draw number 537 from France earned € 169,837,010
• October 11th, 2016, a draw number 945 from Schaerbeek, Belgium won €168,085,323
• November 20th, 2015, a draw number 852 from Portugal won €163,553,041
• On 13th September 2011, a draw number 415 from France won €162,256,622
• On 2nd June 2017, a draw number 1012 from Flemish Region, Belgium won € 153,873,716
• Draw number 702 from Parla, Spain won € 137,313,501 on 13th June 2014

What do some winners do with their winnings?

Most of the few lucky lottery winners tend to spend their winning in luxury goods. The former US Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke stated that the most prominent winners of lottery money tend to be over excited when they win. However, six months later they are less happy than they were before the win. Apparently, there are winners whose lives barely change much. For example Catherine and Gareth Bull who were winners in 2012.

According to the research done by the Telegraph, 59% of the winners usually give up their work to start a new life. However, 19% continues with their work, while 2 % work less. 82% of the winners move to new expensive houses costing them an average of £ 738,000. Also, Majority of the winners do change their cars costing an average £46,116 per car. Majority buys Audi model followed by Range Rover, BMW or Mercedes Benz. Peter Lavery, who won £10.2 million in 1996, says he spent most of the money on cars and he has not used a bus for 18 years. Some winners donate part of the wins on charity cause.

Some winners move to new destinations while other spend most of their wins on holidays. Dean Allen, a British national who in 2000 won £ 13.8 million at the age of 26, says he spent most of the cash on a holiday in Hawaii. He says that he spent an average of £64,500 daily.

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