10 Most Highly Rated German Hotel Casinos

German Hotel Casinos

Taking a vacation is a great way that one can explore new surroundings, meet new people, as well as break the boredom of doing regular activities each day. Despite the benefits, most people dread vacations because of the exorbitant costs associated with it. German Hotel Casinos is one of the top choices.

However, this is not a problem for wise vacationers who know how they can make money while they holiday. For instance, such wise vacationers spend their time playing real money casino games.

Below are highly rated hotel-casinos in Germany that one would consider booking just in case he or she wishes to make some money while on vacation. Selected hotels have spacious and comfortable rooms, superb hospitality services, and their casinos offer multiple games like casino roulette. Online Casinos in Germany are located at the link provided.

10 Best German Hotel Casinos

Casino Baden Germany

1. German Hotel Casinos Number 1 : Casino Baden- Baden Spielbank

Located in Baden- Wurttemberg, Germany Casino Baden- Baden Spielbank has served vacationing tourists since 1821. At Casino Baden- Baden, tourists can enjoy real money games like American roulette, poker-table, punto Banco, and Blackjack. Other favorite casino games offered at the historical hotel-casino are bingo, Keno, classical fruit, and many more slot machine games.

Besides gaming, the casino also runs a grill section where vacationers can enjoy German delicacies and a club section where one can relieve his or her stress by sipping on their favorite drink while listening to great tunes.

Some of the places to tour while vacationing at casino Baden- Baden Spielbank are Merkur Mountain, Faberge Museum, the ancient ruins of Burg Hohenbaden, the Roman baths, and Geroldsauer Wasserfall. It is one of the top German Hotel Casinos.


Spielbank Wiesbaden

2. Spielbank Wiesbaden

Located in Kurhausplatz, Wiesbaden, Spielbank Wiesbaden is one of the best hotels with a casino that one can plan to spend his or her vacation. The hotel boasts of festive decor and historical charm that will place one in a real celebratory mood.

For casino lovers, Spielbank Wiesbaden presents visitors with an opportunity to play their favorite games like blackjack, roulette, and pokers. The game list is up to date and players stand a chance to win great prizes from Spielbank Wiesbaden’s generous offers and promotions.

Besides the favorite Casino games, one can organize and tour favorite places like the famous Russisch- Orthodoxe Kirche, a 19th-century Russian church with a unique architectural design, and State theatre and Opera house where various opera and ballet concerts are held. Other places in Wiesbaden that one can tour are the Neroberg nature park, Wilhermstrasse landmark, and the famous Nerotal-Anlagen Park.


Kurhaus Casino

3. Kurhaus Casino

Headquartered in the historic heart of Baden- Baden, the Kurhaus Casino boasts of a historical architectural masterpiece that reflects the cultural lifestyle of the surrounding community.

Like other top casinos in Germany, Kurhaus Casino presents travelers with an opportunity to make some money by playing top casino games like blackjack, roulette, slot machines, and table games.

Besides gaming, the casino also has stylishly decorated rooms where travelers can hold get- together parties, trade fairs, congresses, kitchen parties, and seminars. The casino's large rooms can accommodate small to large groups of people.

For travelers who are planning to hold a meeting, the Kurhaus Casino catering team will work to ensure that visitors are served with refreshments, an appropriate lunch snack, and gala dinners.


Casino Berlin

4. Spielbank Berlin

Spielbank Berlin is conveniently located at Potsdamer Platz, Berlin. Like most hotel-casinos for vacationers and tourists, Spielbank operates a poker section where vacationers can enjoy real money casino games like blackjack tables, ultimate Texas hold’em, roulette, and slot machines. Unlike most casinos, Spielbank Berlin’s casino staffs take their time to educate clients on how to assess and minimize gambling risks.

In addition to the poker floor, Spielbank casino runs hospitality section where the vacationer can enjoy select cocktails from top manufacturers around the world. Besides drinks, vacationers can also order pasta dishes, salads, and any other delicious meal of their liking, making it one of the most popular German Hotel Casinos.

During the day, one can organize a vacation to nearby attraction sites like the Konzerthaus theaters, Berlin cathedral architectural building, and Tiergarten Gardens.



5. Casino Gesellschaft Wiesbaden

Casino Gesellschaft Wiesbaden is located in a historical building that reflects the art, splendor, and culture of the ancient Wiesbaden community. Unlike most of its competitors, this casino hotel has a casino floor, a restaurant, concert halls, exhibition halls, and a wine cellar. This implies that one can get a complete vacation experience by just visiting the Casino Gesellschaft.

At Casino Gesellschaft Wiesbaden's casino section, vacationers will get to enjoy their favorite games like roulette, blackjack, select table games, and slot machines. The casino's game list keeps expanding as a new game are launched into the casino industry.

At the wine cellar, Casino Gesellschaft Wiesbaden presents visitors with an opportunity to taste wines from different parts and traditional delicacies like herring sausages. A traveler can also spend his/ her evenings playing golf, skate, or attend concerts at the casino’s concert halls.


Bremen Casino


6. Casino Bremen

Casino Bremen is located at Kontorhaus, a historic building whose construction started in 1886 and ended in 1938. Despite its age, the interior parts of the building feature a naturally lit modern interior whereby travelers will enjoy their favorite real money casino games like American roulette, poker-table, Texas Holdem slot machines, and blackjack table.

Travelers can take advantage of the casino's jackpots to make extra profits from their gameplay. For a fair gameplay, the casino utilizes a random number generator, an automation system that eliminates bias when selecting jackpot winners.

Apart from the casino floor, Casino Bremen runs a modern bar where one can enjoy a variety of cocktails and soft drinks when taking a break from the casino floor. The casino’s large halls make it a favorite place where large groups can hold a party.


Hamburg Casino

7. Spielbank Hamburg

Spielbank Hamburg is located at Stephansplatz, Hamburg. This casino is open Monday to Sunday at 15:00 – 04:00. Spielbank Hamburg's game list contains favorite casino games from categories like blackjack, roulette, tables, and slot machines.

Besides the standard casino games, Spielbank Hamburg also hosts the Hamburg jackpot and multiple mystery jackpots. These jackpots present casino travelers with an opportunity to win big prizes during their vacation.

Players who would want to take a break from gaming can choose to spend their time at the bar drinking their favorite cocktail, freshly squeezed juice, and many other soft drinks. As an alternative, the casino travelers can spend their break time in the casino's lounge.

Whether at the lounge or bar, the casino will keep you entertained with favorite soul classics from top musicians like James Brown, Aretha Franklin, Lionel Richie, and many other celebrated musicians.


Spielbank Bad Homburg Casino

8. Spielbank Bad Homburg

Located at Kisseleffstr, Bad Homburg, Hesse, Spielbank Bad Homburg is also among the best casinos in Germany where travelers can spend their vacation. Spielbank Bad Homburg was launched about 17 decades ago.

Similar to most hotel-casinos, this hotel brags of a comprehensive list of modern and traditional casino games. Some of the games provided by Spielbank Bad Homburg casino are roulette, blackjack, free bet blackjack, and mystery bounty tournaments.

In addition to the casino floor, Spielbank Bad Homburg casino operates a grill where one can enjoy steak delicacies from all over the world. Some of the meat delicacies that one can find in Spielbank Bad Homburg’s menu include roast ribs, dry-aged Tomahawk steak, and Japanese Kobe beef.

At Spielbank Bad Homburg's lounge, travelers can enjoy special drinks like sex sweethearts, soul candy, and Motown mule as they listen to favorite soul tunes played by the casino's celebrated DJs.


Spielbank Stuttgart Casino

9. Spielbank Stuttgart

Located at Plieninger Street, Stuttgart, Spielbank Stuttgart gives travelers a chance to make money while they enjoy their vacation in the Stuttgart community. Top games offered at this Casino include Blackjack, Punto Banco, French roulette, and American Roulette.

For a complete gaming experience, Spielbank Stuttgart casino runs a clubbing section where travelers can enjoy a diversity of cocktails and soft drinks as they dance to a favorite live band and DJ mixes.

Besides the clubbing section, travelers can also enjoy a glass of champagne and tasty snacks at Spielbank Stuttgart's restaurant. Travelers who visit Spielbank Stuttgart as a group can request for special arrangements tailored to meet their unique vacation needs.


Casino Konstanz

10. Casino Konstanz

The Casino Konstanz is a mid-size casino located at a serene environment directly on the shores of Lake Constance. Its location makes it an excellent option for travelers who love a quiet atmosphere.

Despite its medium size, the casino offers live table games, over 110 slot machines, cash tables, blackjack, roulette, Texas Hold’em, and many other tournaments. The open hours for playing the casino games are 11: 00 to 02: 00 for slot machines, 14:00 to 02:00 for live table games, and 19:00- 01:30 for cash table games.

Casino Konstanz boasts of an ambiance lounge and bars with an open fire in its middle. At the lounge, the casino's bartenders serve travelers with classic cocktails and a selection of spirits from reputable manufacturers around the world. Besides drinks, you can also order for delicacies like antipasti and seasonal pizzas, salad creations, homemade pasta, and ice cream cups. The list includes only some of the German Hotel Casinos, as here are many German Hotel Casinos out there.

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