Identifying an Established Online Casino Accepting Bitcoin Payments in 2019

Bitcoin Casinos


Gambling is a favorite pastime activity for billions of people the world over but it is shunned upon by some pockets of the society. That’s perfectly normal and to be expected. What’s not right, however, is allowing societal norms to hold you back from partaking in a game of Baccarat, roulette, cards or any other game played on the leading online casinos. The only solution is by playing anonymously using your bitcoins for gambling. Again, if the credit rating agencies happen to know of your gambling endeavors, this won’t reflect well on your credit score, moving forward. Get bitcoins and sign up to any of the registered and reviewed casinos and start playing without no one ever knowing.

The concept of sending and receiving encrypted payments online started appearing in late 2008. By 2009, the Japanese founder, Satoshi Nakamoto had already registered and patented his unique monetary system. In its early years most of the industry insiders didn’t quite imagine how barely a decade later, bitcoin would become a global force to reckon. In 2017, there’s an estimated 900 Bitcoin dispensing ATM's spread out all across Europe, the United States of America and Canada. Bitcoins are presently being used to power the biggest casinos online.

Why Use Bitcoins for Gambling?

Two of the definitive attributes of any bitcoin casinos are its discretion and anonymity. Doing business with conventional banks often gets messy as one leaves an easy-to-follow trail. With virtual payments, however, you are a complete ghost. Excluding the intermediary, in this case, the banks mean more money for you.

Choosing Dependable Bitcoin Casinos for Gambling

Starting in 2010, online casinos started accepting virtual cryptocurrencies from their patrons. This move opened up the casinos to an entirely new clientele base. The latter remained as ghosts and it didn’t matter much about where they came from, how much they spend or who they were. All that mattered to the management at the bitcoin casino was their virtual payments. At first, many people were a bit skeptical about hopping on board the online casino trend. With time, new and advanced security measures got put in place by the owners of the gambling houses and that helped to quell off the fears.

Is the establishment Provably Fair or Not?

To deter casinos from tinkering with their gambling machines so as to give themselves an unfair advantage, the provably fair notion got born. The index gives a measure of whether the casino has biased odds on the selection of games they offer to the consumers.

Licensing Concerns

The number of new establishments accepting bitcoin continues to surge and rise by the day. In most instances, you’ll find these websites having a sticker or a ribbon at the bottom. This ribbon shows which international gaming and gambling association recognizes the particular casino. If possible, try to avoid dealing with websites which claim to be registered under the Curacao eGaming licensing board and commission. Instead, opt to deposit your funds in an establishment which operates under the rules and regulations of the UK Gambling Commission.

Customer Care and Support

Other essential factors to delve into when selecting a safe, secure and fun casino to deposit your bitcoins are; the customer care services and the variety of games on offer. The latest advances in technology have witnessed a remarked shift in how virtual gamblers get to experience the games. Today, there are all kinds of innovations all meant to attract more fans into this realm. None of them is as breathtaking as the live online gaming. Here, for those maybe not in the loop, the players get to interact with a live dealer inside a real-life casino. Having someone to guide and walk you through the rules and conditions for the vast array of different games makes it possible to make better decisions. Always strive to do background research about a prospective bitcoin casino to learn whether they have efficient live-support functions, before proceeding any further.

Growth Trajectory of Bitcoins

Topping up your digital wallet with bitcoins for gambling is a fantastic money-saving move. Asides the zero charge you get when you transact using the cryptocurrency, there’s also the advantage that your money will appreciate in time. How so? Well, if you’ve been keen in following the growth trajectory of bitcoins, then you’ll realize that the commodity has probably grown by upwards of 1000% since launching in 2009. And, the virtual currency is still poised to rise some more in the coming quarters. If you are unsure about anything, don’t refrain from asking for all the help and advice you can get. Consult extensively with folks who’ve gambled online using this virtual payment solution to avoid costly mistakes.

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