21 Pro Blackjack Multi-Hand

21 Pro Blackjack Multi-Hand is a Blackjack app that provides you with an excellent Blackjack experience as you sit comfortably in your own house or anywhere else as long as you have your Phone or iPad with you. As apparent from the title of the iPhone app, the app lets you play with multiple hands against the dealer for a great authentic experience that you will never get bored from as you place bets, double up and get a hand of 21. There is also the progressive jackpot that you can earn when you get the triple 777 Blackjack hand. So download the app for free, and join the 21 fun with 21 Pro Blackjack Multi-Hand.

App Information

  • The application is 87.2 MB
  • The developer of the app is Avalinx LLC
  • The App is rated 12+
  • The app is available in English
  • It requires iOS 10.0 or newer
  • Compatible with iPod Touch, iPad, and iPhones

21 Pro Blackjack Multi-Hand Offering

The iPhone App is for the fans of Blackjack. The app brings you the fun, the excitement and the thrill of Las Vegas to your phone in mere seconds. Therefore, you do not have to go to Las Vegas anymore to enjoy an authentic game of blackjack, as you will be able to play as many rounds of “21” as you want through this app.

The app lets you play with multiple hands versus the one Blackjack hand of the dealer, which is a prevalent type of Blackjack. It gives you numerous chances to beat the dealer, but of course, each Blackjack hand has its stake. So you will place more bets, for more chances to beat the dealer’s hand. The app also has the progressive jackpot that can give you a lot of chips, which is the 777 hand.

You will never run out of chips as the app has a lot of reload bonuses that you can take advantage of to refill your chip counter so you can keep enjoying the Blackjack game. There are also lessons and tips that you can take advantage of for free so that you can become a pro Blackjack player.

The app is highly-customizable as you set the stakes, the table limits, as well as the cards and the shape of the table as well so you, can engage in your favorite Las Vegas experience.

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