4 Casino Players That Have Made Their Mark

Casinos and gambling dens have always been a place for fun and enjoyment, but for some, casinos are a lot more than that. Professional gambling is a pretty good way to earn money, provided that you are good at what you do. In the past few years, several people from all over the world have managed to make a name for themselves solely because of being actively immersed at casinos and earning off that. Here is a list of four of the most well-known casino players that have made a fortune for themselves.

The Top Casino Payers

Akio Kashiwagi

Akio Kashiwagi is a Japanese native who is known for being a casino legend. He has an immensely intricate backstory, with some sources stating that Akio Kashiwagi had ties to the Yakuza and other underworld organizations. He is also known to be a huge real estate investor, but a good amount of his life is shrouded in mystery. He is considered to be one of the biggest casino players in the entire country and was given the title of ‘The Warrior’ because of his incredible abilities to win almost every game that he played. The game that he was mostly known for was Baccarat where he bet and earned back vast sums of money.

Phil Ivey

Phil Ivey is a name that most poker players know of. He is considered to be one of the best and highest rated poker players in the entire country and is known for his incredible skill when it comes to the game. Phil Ivey regularly travels to casinos all over the world, betting vast sums of money at each table that he rolls on. He has been known to win big on multiple occasions, one of them being in 2012 when a bagged a whopping $11m in London. A few months later, he came to be known for another big win, this time, for a total of $9.6m.

Terrance Watanabe

Terrance Watanabe is no stranger to the world of riches and fame and grew up in an extremely affluent household. When he got into gambling, it was not his wins that started giving him a lot of attention but in fact all of the massive losses that he was facing. At one point in time, he was said to have lost a total of $220m, which was most of his inheritance that he had earned through his father’s company. Today, Terrance Watanabe is banned from a good number of significant casinos because he still has not paid back the debts that he owes them. All of this makes him one of the most popular casino players there is.

Don Johnson

Don Johnson is an icon in the world of casinos and gambling and stands as an example to those who want to learn how to earn big. All of the casino wins that he has had have been completely white hat, and he has an amazing reputation for the kind of bets that he places. He is also a fantastic negotiator and knows the best ways to play by the rules to prevent casinos from fleecing him out of his money as most major casinos do. He has been called numerous times by several casinos throughout the world to play at their tables, and so that the casino players of those areas can learn a thing or two from this legend.

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