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Why Bonuses Aren’t That Great Anyway

Bonuses have never been that great.  Most bonuses have always put restrictions on the winnings in one form or another. Free spin bonuses most of the time are only single, low denomination, coins that won’t produce anything a casino can’t handle paying out.  Free cash offers, also don’t really exist.  They sound great, but will require a deposit or several deposits.  If you’re going to play without having to worry about restrictions, then just deposit to the casino and bypass the deposits.  Frankly, you shouldn’t choose a casino based on the bonus; select the casino based on their longevity and reputation for fair play, fast payments, and available customer service.  Check out the terms and conditions at these casinos for reference, www.jackpotcitycasino.com (offers a €$1600 Bonus), www.vegasparadise.com (offers a £€$200 Bonus), and www.cloudcasino.com (offers a €$500 Bonus).

Can you make money from free money bonuses?

Yes, but the playthrough amounts can be incredibly high.  If you can commit a large chunk of time to playing slots to get past a play-through amount (how many times over the amount of the bonus you have to wager) and within the amount of time required (sometimes less than three days) then it is possible.  Might be worth it, but with those numbers, the player would have to be high stakes and spinning $500 or more a spin in some cases.

Why People Belong to More Than One Casino

Most new players might not even think of this, but belonging to more than one casino can really be a plus.  Please, let me be clear here, most casinos will frown on multiple accounts at the same casino and that can in fact, hold up payments and even possibly get a player banned.  No, what I am saying is, hold accounts at separate, individual casinos.  By doing this you open up multiple VIP options which can include bonuses, but most importantly, it can help to work around payment and deposit limits.

Some casinos may have a limit on withdrawals per month.  This is standard at reputable online casinos.  So, in having accounts at multiple casinos, you can play more without as many restrictions and collect from the different casinos simultaneously.  Another big reason to hold these accounts is to leave a cold casino and see if another one is hot.

When to Play – Does the Time of Day Matter?

From what I have seen, at some online casinos it does seem to matter.  Because most wins and losses are based on how much has been made or paid out on a game, the busier days can sometimes mean more wins.  But that can also mean that the next day after the weekend can produce some big wins.  It really does make a difference at different casinos, but that is a pattern that you will have to discover on your own.

Why You Should Play at 50/50

Just want to wrap up this by saying that when you play at an online casino, just play with a 50/50 mentality from the first spin to the last.  On a spin or even the roll of the dice, you will either win or lose, regardless of the odds on the play.  I have played through losing streaks to get jackpots, and I have played through jackpots just to get nothing, but that is a series of wins and losses.  What I do to stay right with myself and my life is to play with a budget in mind.

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