Biggest Ups and Downs Ever in Horse Racing

Equestrian gambling is an interesting affair that has taken many people to the ultimate brink of betting success and many others to the depths of despair. The easiest way to get to one or the other of those places is to bet huge sums, and so here are the top wagers in horse racing history.

Yellow Sam Betting Coup

As with any other affair relating to large amounts of money, there are bound to be the scandals. That is precisely what the Yellow Sam Betting Coup amounted to. Barney Curley was a prestigious gambler known all around for some of his affairs, and he helped to organize a network of Irish gamblers to take advantage of an under-handicapped horse. Yellow Sam was the name of the horse that won them a total of $1.7 million.

Del Mar Flop

The scenery of San Diego took this rich couple to the Del Mar horse races, and they got drunk during the beginning of the affair. This led to them putting their entire life savings on a single horse, and it cost them a total of $2 million. Not all of the largest wagers in horse racing history are winners.

Britain Big Bucks

Big Bucks sounds like a reasonable name for a horse to pick to make some of the larger plays on chance. $796,000 was placed by one man on the horse due to a nice winning streak, but it all ended when that bet was made.

The Return of Big Bucks

A year after that British gambler lost that enormous sum on the horse Big Bucks, a man named William Hill decided to try his luck on the same one in another affair. The odds meant that he had to wager $500k pounds in order to secure his winnings of $100k pounds, but it worked out for him so much so that he has been considering starting a fan club for the famed horse.

1913 Kentucky Derby

Horse racing had something of a passionate following in the old days, and there was often a lot of excitement at the races. The horse chosen here had horrible odds and the name Donerail (91.45-1), but it was a winning bet. That man now still holds the spot for the largest winner ever at a Kentucky Derby.

Ron Nicholson In Dorset

A man named Ron Nicholson has had some of the best times at the race track Dorset. It was in 2004 that he took home almost 900k GBP for a victory, but lost it all a year later due to the fact that the desire can never fully be quenched. Some call gambling an addiction that has no cure, and those who left it all on the tracks are likely to agree with that sentiment.

Do Dreams Come True?

A punter in Yorkshire certainly believes so after he put it all on the line for a horse with that name. Dreams Come True netted him $1 million from a Yorkshire betting shop. Its not known whether this man is still taking the risk at the tracks or if he has decided to take the winnings and finish a success.

Kentucky Derby Disaster

Once upon a time this amateur better won big at his local tracks and then decided to take the action up a notch at the Kentucky Derby. The horse he chose had poor odds and lost taking all of those winnings with him down the drain. Be careful in any situation.

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