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The Bulgarian online gambling market has recently become a little more crowded, with the inclusion of a new partner. NetEnt has entered the game, so to speak, by displaying its global reach one step further. NetEnt is one of the world’s foremost providers of high-quality online games for digital casino businesses. Now, they offer their extensive line of online digital casino services in the regulated eastern European country of Bulgaria. The online casino community is abuzz with this latest exciting news. NetEnt is now an executive partner with The National Lottery Bulgaria, in order to offer their games to customers through the grand opening of their first online casino in that country. NetEnt incorporates a very diverse and global talent base with the intelligence and the enthusiasm for creating the absolute best entertaining, digital gaming experience for online casinos.

NetEnt, having already experienced massive success by releasing games to consumers in the southern European country of Portugal, partnered with Betclic only last week to exercise their option to continue their global domination, with the move to expand their offerings to Bulgaria. This would appear to be a sagacious and easy decision to continue with their trend of increasing profits. NetEnt’s own Enrico Bradamante is the managing director, and also chief of the European market operations of NetEnt Malta. Mr. Bradamante stated recently that growth in the controlled online casino industry is a significantly valuable aspect of how NetEnt intends to branch out and grow. He went further to explain that he is extremely content with having NetEnt’s best-selling, internet accessible casino games available to the Bulgarian market.

Mr. Bradamenta also divulged that his company is eager to offer their endorsements to the National Lottery Bulgaria. This is also in reference to NetEnt’s increasing growth in the casino business with an online casino gaming presence. He continued by saying that he is fully aware that Bulgaria’s online players will be excited with the selection of their attractive, high quality and entertaining selection of casino games.

Bulgaria’s chief executive of National Lottery Bulgaria is Milen Ganev, who is recently known as saying that Bulgaria acknowledges that the company NetEnt is a steady business partner, and further went on to state that NetEnt produces high-quality games, which is believed to fit in perfectly with Bulgaria’s existing gaming concept for entertainment. It is widely known that the National Lottery Bulgaria has an existing customer foundation with well over two million lottery players who have already registered as online casino players, according to Milen. Milen further expressed that it is hoped that everyone involved will enjoy this latest expansion of NetEnt products.

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