Casino Epoca is a fun and fantastic place to gamble online. This site boasts some of the most interesting and rewarding games on the web while offering 100% safe banking for those big payoffs. The presentation and ease of use make it a great site that can be used by everyone. Casino Epoca is the best option for online gambling entertainment, hands down.

Casino Epoca Features

• Website:
• Established: 1998
• Support: Live Chat, E-mail
• Deposit Bonus: 1600£/€/$
• Minimum Deposit: 10£/€/$
• Payout Percentage: 97.8 %
• Software: Microgaming
• Where to Play: Mexico, Brazil, Spain

Casino Epoca Online Casino Review

The presentation and ease of use make it a great site that can be used by everyone. Casino Epoca is the best option for online gambling entertainment, hands down. One important thing you should consider is the dependable reputation for fairness built by Época's ownership, Bayton Ltd. Bayton Ltd has an established reputation for fairness and security for players. Casino Época is one of many online gaming opportunities under their umbrella. Regular gamers have consistently returned, and new players are joining daily.

Licensed and Reliable

The Lotteries and Gaming Authority of Malta deem all the Bayton Ltd online gaming sites meet industry standards for fairness and security. The European Union online casino gaming authority recognizes Casino Época since it meets all requirements and adheres to fair gaming guidelines. You can be assured that when you play on the Casino Época online platform, you have as fair a chance as anyone else playing, no matter where they are.

Microgaming is the software developer that powers all Casino Época games. Players get to experience the comfort of exceptional reliability and the security of one of the most trusted software developers in the gaming industry. You should rightfully look for the most secure online gaming sites, and that's what you'll find when playing on Casino Época.

Playing under the Microgaming label grants players the reassurance they are using a system with dependable high-tech function, plus winning probabilities programmed impartially. Casino Época guarantees fairness by using one of the most trusted online gaming labels to power a host of fun and exciting games available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Game Software and Games

The first thing that players will notice is the quality of the site's layout. The colors and fonts come together to give a strong sense of elegance and reliability. This ambiance does not stop at the interface, however, but surrounds the many games that the site offers.

The game software is easy to find and download. For those who are less computer savvy, there are easy to follow directions that will have players enjoying themselves in no time. For those computer experts out there, the download and installation are easy and hassle free.

The Games

Just when you think you've navigated your way through all the available games at Casino Epoca, Microgaming will add a new game to the collection. Players can stick with their old standby favorites, or experience new opportunities when introduced. Casino Época has a vast game portfolio that changes every couple of weeks but not to worry, the traditional games that users love never disappear.

One of the neatest things you'll experience at Casino Época is the slot alternatives that are available. Players can choose between the classic 3-reel design, an action-packed 5-reel high graphic video slot, plus the progressive games like Major Millions, or Mega Moolah. Some of the progressive jackpot payouts can alter your lifestyle with one perfect lineup of reels. All Casino Época progressive jackpots are part of the shared casino network of Microgaming, which is why the amount of money to be won can grow to such enormous numbers.

If you're a video poker or table game enthusiast, you will not be let down when playing those types of games on Casino Época. Every one of your classic live casino type board games are offered. You can place your bets on both the American and European versions of the roulette wheel. Both keno and scratch card games post steady winners. For the blackjack fanatic, Casino Época offers a variety of options to deal down the perfect hand.

Another interesting facet of Casino Época card games and board setups is the live dealer feature. There are live dealers for some of their blackjack tables, roulette wheel, and baccarat games. You'll experience the thrill-a-minute sensation as if you were at the table in person. One noted point from some players was that the live situations took a little bit of searching, but once players know how to navigate themselves to the right place on the website, it's never a problem again.

If you're a newcomer, don't be discouraged by the vast variety of games and player options. Players who visited Casino Época frequently emphasized being patient and trying out new games every day until you find those that excite you the most. Be sure to fully read all the general information and rule variations for each game. There are strategy guidelines available that can prove helpful when narrowing down your most preferred games.

Mobile Casino Gaming

One of the nicest extra features of Casino Época is the ability to play on both a desktop computer and using a mobile device. While the game variety for smartphones and tablets is not quite as extensive, there are still dozens of exciting choices. Microgaming software also powers the mobile casino, so it carries the same high level of trustworthy credibility.

Players have some of the same traditionally favorite slot games that have a very user-friendly interface. Using a tap stick or your fingertip, you can spin multi-reel slot games, deal a fresh hand of blackjack, or twirl the roulette wheel. These are all set up just the same as the software based browser games, paying out real money to jackpot winners.

You may also be pleased to know that there are no additional apps required since the system is run from the Casino Época website. This is one reason why the graphic quality is so consistent across all devices. One helpful feature for mobile players is the practice option to help newcomers get used to how the mobile icons and tabs work.

This shows Casino Época's concern for player enjoyment. No one would be enthused by the idea of losing their money just because they had not yet mastered the intricacies of a game board. The practice rounds will help you to learn how to play before you pay to play.

With the mobile world being one of the most suspect venues for security risks, you'll be comforted by the idea that Casino Época has installed extra safeguards for secure banking. The payment options are encrypted, and a helpful support team is always on call. Being able to play your favorite games from a mobile device is a great thing to have, but only if you know your transactions are secure. Casino Época makes sure they are.

Slots, Table Games, Card Games

The variety of games is incredible. Casino Epoca offers over 400 different games, generally divided into three categories; slots, video poker and table games. The slot games have amazing graphics, with lights and sounds that will keep gamblers happy and entertained for hours.

The video poker is another way to spend time online having a blast! The interface is easy to use and quite attractive to the eye. Traditional card game fans will love the options they have within the video poker section.

Table games are also well represented on this site. Casino Epoca offers many fan favorites and boasts extremely fancy graphics. The interface and sounds give the user a sense of really being in a casino. Table games are all about the authentic experience and this site offers that in spades.

Software Playability

The software installs easily and plays easily as well. It is quite simple to get the hang of, and requires no previous knowledge of computers or the internet. Anyone can use it without worrying about buttons and options. The graphics are impressive and lend themselves to helping the player see what is going on during the game.


Maybe the most positive attribute of Casino Época is the fact they were wise enough to go with Microgaming as their software developer. There is a lot of new competition in the online and mobile gaming industry, but Microgaming still boasts as one of the most highly regarded gaming software developers in the world.

Access to the immense variety of casino-style games on Casino Época is simple. All you need to do is download their user-friendly software onto your computer, or a laptop. There is also a convenient option using the no download instant Flash Player version. All the major browsers support the instant Flash alternative.

Casino Época provides, even more, flexibility with dozens of select games for your smartphone or other handheld devices. All the games are compatible with iOS, Android and Blackberry operating systems.

You will immediately find that all the available games supply the same high-intensity graphics and quality sounds of the desktop versions. Another important feature you should know is all the bonuses, promotional programs, and customer loyalty rewards opportunities are available to all players on all devices.

By using nearly, a quarter century of gaming experience that Microgaming brings to the table, Casino Época will be able to stay ahead of the competition. Players will appreciate using the newest and most innovative gaming technology in the world. Code and software function are updated daily. Game glitches are highly improbable.

There was no cutting of the corners with the graphics, sounds, and animations of all the games on Casino Época. The slots are full stimulating noises to accent the vivid images.

Not one of the various Casino Época games skimps on graphical quality. No matter how often you decide to play, you will never be bored with dull games or repetitive sounds. Casino Época aims to keep you energized every minute of every game, which you choose to play.

Bonuses and Promotions

Not only are the games fun and exciting, but the amount of money that they can pay out is extraordinary. On top of these easy ways to win money, Casino Epoca is always offering special bonuses and promotions for those who play. The promotion being run right now is that they will match a first deposit! That can mean up to 200 extra chips just for playing. This is an incredible deal and means more fun for everyone. You can claim up to $1600 through the welcome package.

As with most online casinos, Casino Época provides new players with a substantial welcome bonus at registration. When you register with Casino Época, whether online using their website, or with a mobile device, you'll get a $20 bonus or more. They match all new members deposit bonus, 100 percent.

There is a maximum initial deposit match of $200, so experienced online players recommend securing the highest amount at the beginning. One unmentioned reason behind this deposit limit is Casino Época established a limitation to help newcomers avoid over betting because of their early enthusiasm.

There is a play through requirement for a withdrawal of 50 times a bonus amount. It does encourage a lot of play, but considering the fairness probability benchmarks established, the more you play, the greater the chances that you'll turn over a winner. Players just need to calculate their winnings, subtracting these from any deposits, and keep an eye on when they hit an established amount for withdrawal.

One thing to bear in mind about this bonus from Casino Época is that unlike other casinos the wagering requirements are based only on the bonus, not the bonus plus an attached deposit. This means that no matter what the outcome of the wagers made using your deposits, you'll get to keep this bonus money.

In the bonus requirements, it explains that only slots, including the progressive games, keno, and scratch cards are credited towards meeting the wagering limits. Some of the board games and video poker count much less, if at all. As an example, both blackjack and standard poker only count 10% towards the matching wager requirement. This is because the winning odds are variable and dependent to some degree on player skill.

Casino Epoca Banking

The banking options available are robust and secure. There are many different ways to pay and receive money and they are all guaranteed by trustworthy sites. The banking section helps players feel like they are on a safe site, avoiding any hassles. With all these options and security measures, a player can focus on what is important, having a blast!

Currency, Devices, and Payouts

There are 17 different languages available for Casino Época, with live chat customer support available in all 17. They also offer phone help and support, but it depends on your country. Casino Época software operates on Android devices, iPhones or iPads, and the Windows phone. The system works well on all the key browsers, using either Windows PC systems or Mac computers.

Players can deposit and withdrawal funds to either MasterCard or Visa. Bank wire transfers are accepted, using licensed encryption for user security. There are six additional ways players can deposit money into their accounts and make withdrawals of winnings. Casino Época has a payout percentage of over 97 percent, with an average payout speed of two to three business days.


No matter how many games that an online casino offers, if they are rigged to rarely produce winners then all the fun will be lost. You want an exciting game platform, but also some reasonably consistent chance of winning some money. If not, why would you play?

Casino Época will quickly put player's minds to rest on the idea of fair and impartial winning probabilities. To earn the EU license requirements, they had to follow all the rigid guidelines of the governing gaming body. The Lotteries and Gaming Authority of Malta strictly enforce their stipulations addressing fairness, so earning their recognition carries a great deal of clout in the gaming world.

Part of maintaining an open degree of integrity is how often an online casino checks against industry standards. Since they receive an independent inspection by eCongra, Casino Época receives their certification for verified fair gaming and gambling practices. eCongra posts monthly reports to their website of average game payouts for all the online casinos that seek their accredited certification.

By adhering to the established standards of fairness, Casino Época establishes a very necessary level of trustworthiness, especially for a newer online casino. Excellent jackpots are only enticing if the chances of winning them are legitimate. Casino Época covers all their bases to prove themselves 100 percent legit. By providing this information, they are showing honest openness to anyone considering playing on their platform.

Casino Epoca Security

Like any financial transactions done online, or from a mobile device, users want to be guaranteed that their privacy and the safety of their funds are protected. Casino Época makes sure that you are assured when making your deposits and withdrawing your winnings.

There were multiple options to deposit funds into your account mentioned previously, and each one has SSL certified banking protection. Nearly all the methods for depositing funds are also available to withdraw your winnings. Casino Época accepts multiple types of currency, including the Euro, British pound and the US dollar. Players will need to do a currency exchange if they decide to alter their currency type from what they use at their bank or financial institution.

For players who want to play using their desktop, the website security features are equally impressive. Casino Época supplies the same security encryption technology to all Internet transactions. They even use advanced encryption technology for all player names and personal information. This adds yet another level of security and privacy.

Withdrawal of Your Winnings

The standard withdrawal method using the same form of deposit is very quick. You will normally have access to your money as soon as 24-hours after winnings post to your account. Normally all winnings are available within 48-hours, except in rare circumstances. Other types of payments can take a few business days, but anything over a week is extremely uncommon.

Players have the option to establish daily, weekly, or monthly deposit and withdrawal limits. This feature can allow you to put reasonable restrictions on the amount you wager if you so choose. Casino Época openly posts resources for players who sense they are violating good sense gambling practices. Again, customer service is available 24-hours a day for any problem, especially financial questions.

Casino Epoca Loyalty Program & Promotions

There are player recognition programs offered by Casino Época. With every game played, you will be credited with comp points that are accumulated. There are different reward amounts for different games, but you can use redeemable credits at any time you reach the necessary amount to play a free game.

The credits accumulate based on the type of game. For instance, traditional slot games and keno all reward 3 comp points for every $10 you wager. Video poker and other types of casino board games post 2 comp points per $10 bet. Blackjack, craps, and baccarat all earn a credit per $10 wager. Each 200-point block of points is worth a free $1 bet on any game of your choice.

You should pay attention, even ask for alert notifications for special promotions. Casino Época frequently puts on special promotions like extra cash and casino credit. There are periodic special prize awards like vacation trips, cruises, and even sports cars. It's worth your time to make sure you receive all notifications about program rewards and special promotions, that way you will never miss a chance to play any of the bigger opportunities.


When you look for an online casino, you want security and game fairness. Casino Época meets these two critical criteria. Once you've established that your security and privacy are in good hands, the next most appealing option is variety.

There are over 400 exciting game options on Casino Época, so you'll never be bored. They offer a respectable deposit bonus and enough promotions to give you chances at some great prizes. Best of all, Casino Época has a dedication to be available to their players whenever they need them, and for whatever reason.

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