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Millennials – those born between 1980 and 2000 – form a vital demographic when it comes to the future of the casino gambling industry, whether it be land-based Las Vegas type casinos or online casinos like Spin Palace (more info). But when compared to older generations, they are significantly less interested in playing slots and going to casinos. So what’s being done about it? A whole lot as it turns out!

Setting the scene…

When it comes to land-based casinos or online casinos, the aim has always been to keep the player locked in for longer and playing more! It’s the template established in traditional gambling hotspots like Las Vegas and it’s been carried over into the online space. But in today’s ever-evolving world, it’s becoming increasingly clearer that there is a bit of a generational gap with regards to who is playing at land-based casinos and online casinos, and who is not. In order to attract the “who is nots” or millennials, the industry has begun to shift from its traditional, old school way of thinking to a more modernist way. This can be seen in the manner that Las Vegas is starting to present its world of gambling to the public, and in how online casinos like Spin Palace (visit website) continue to bring innovative new games with trendy themes, like Lost Vegas’s zombies for example, to its players.

Changing Vegas…

The Las Vegas gambling scene has gone through many phases over the years, but the most significant changes have happened recently. The old school mentality, which consequently permeated into the online casino scene, involved the idea that players had to be confined inside the casino in the hopes that they would forget about the time and simply remain in front of their favourite table games and slot machines. Land-based casinos therefore began to include restaurants, bars, live shows, etcetera…anything to keep the players entertained and in close proximity to the games! Online casinos on the other hand brought the games and rewards to the players’ homes, adding a whole new level of convenience and accessibility. The strategy of holding the players attention is a simple one and makes total sense. But with the arrival of the millennial generation it became clear that they were not interested in being trapped or locked in. As for the older generation and traditional customer base, they too were beginning to increasingly move towards a similar way of thinking as they evolved and adapted to new technologies.

What millennials want?

More than anything, millennials are on their mobile devices, which incidentally is the fastest growing method of gambling and playing games online for the older generation too. In other words, these are players who want the freedom to go outside if they feel like it! And they’re constantly adapting to new ways of thinking regarding leisure and entertainment. Just look at Las Vegas, where pedestrian experiences have been created allowing players the opportunity to get outside onto

grassy strips that include outdoor bars, restaurants and entertainment areas, as opposed to staying inside in dark spaces. What has remained though is the sea of slot machines on the floor, which means most of the changes have been made with regards to entertainment and leisure activities as opposed to actual gambling and playing. That’s because the demand for slot machines as they are is still very big and will probably not change for years to come. What is likely to start happening is the creation of micro-zones or environments within the land-based casino floors that will be exclusive areas for various types of customers to interact with one another and of course play.

The online and mobile casino experience is a more immediate and accessible one for the players. And as far as millennials are concerned, mobile is the way to go when it comes to playing games online. It allows them the freedom to play wherever they want to at whatever time they want to as well. Take a game like Lost Vegas, which is another winning creation from leading casino software producer, Microgaming. It takes one of the most enduring themes of the past few decades, that of zombies, and transforms it into one of the liveliest and rewarding games around. Taking advantage of trends and the popularity of blockbuster TV shows and movies represent just some of the ways the casino industry is attempting to appeal to players of all generations including the millennials. Best of all, it’s available to play on all platforms from PC and laptop to tablet and smartphone.

A game like Lost Vegas is immersive, interactive and innovative: It can be experienced in two different modes, which means you can hook up with the hardened survivors or join in with the hungry herd of zombies. Plus you can trigger two awesome bonus features, the Blackout bonus and the Zombie Fist of Cash bonus to score random cash prizes. Lost Vegas also offers two ways to trigger Free Spins –the Zombie Free Spins comes with a Stash feature whereby prizes are given at the end, while the Survivor Free Spins comes with an Infection feature that turns the Wild symbol into Stacked Wilds.

The scene today…

From Las Vegas to Lost Vegas, the casino industry is tapping into changing and evolving attitudes to how players want to interact with each other, how they want to play, and how they want to enjoy the experience. For land-based and online casinos it’s still about keeping players locked into the casino experience, but they’ve taken note of the changing attitudes. And in order to attract the millennials or future customer base, they’ve begun to innovate even more. Cutting-edge technology like virtual reality could also be coming into play in the near future, while casino software producers like Microgaming continue to deliver more involving games that require an element of skill or surprise, as opposed to just pressing a button. And for that, the future of the industry looks bright indeed!

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