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Online gaming establishment Jackpot Paradise casino has recently released a New Year’s Free Spins promotion that will be in effect for the entire month of January. This promotion allows every player to earn free spins when they deposit using a special code.

Read the Rules for the Jackpot Paradise Promotion

Jackpot Paradise January

From January 1st all the way to January 31st, players will be awarded with up to 10 free spins if they make a deposit that falls in between $/£/€ 30 and $/£/€ 80 combined with the code word “HAPPY”. Additionally, up to 30 free spins can be earned by using the word “NEW” in combination with a deposit anywhere from $/£/€ 80 to $/£/€ 200. The final and most valuable part of the promotion is available when the player deposits over $/£/€ 200 and uses the code word “YEAR”. This will allow the player to gain up to 50 free spins. Though the offer will only be available for one month, every player can use each code as many as 10 times to get the most out of the promotion.

Jackpot Paradise casino has many other offerings that every player can take advantage of. On a monthly basis, the casino offers one weekend where 20 free spins will be awarded to every player who uses the slot titles on the site. Through this, the player has an opportunity to earn free credits by playing popular video slots and obtaining payouts. Due to the massive collection of slots at Jackpot Paradise, this promotion is easy to take advantage of and will add value to the player’s wallet as a result. The casino points out that all players should read and pay attention to the specific rules in making sure they can legitimately use the bonus.

Other occurrences at the casino happen on a more regular basis. One such perk from Jackpot Paradise is earning cash back by depositing on any Thursday throughout the year. The casino offers players 10% cash back on any deposit with a minimum of $/£/€ 30. One highlight of this promotion is that it is unlimited, so higher spending players are able to gain major benefits from using the bonus. For ensured completion of the process, the casino states that players should contact customer support as they make the deposit to guarantee the inclusion of the bonus to the account balance.

In regards to contests and giveaways, Jackpot Paradise currently offers different events that typically occur monthly. One such contest pits players against each other in a competition to earn the most VIP points in a certain period of time. This event starts with the casino selecting certain games to be played and honoring points to every player participating within the guidelines of the promotion. The top three players for the day will earn cash prizes, with 1st place being awarded with a nice $/£/€ 100. For the larger events, the casino will notify every player of upcoming dates and what prizes will be available. Past rewards from Jackpot Paradise have included cutting-edge electronics and vacations that go to the winners of each event.

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