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Recent media coverage has highlighted a few issues that have popped up at a number of prominent land-based casinos. And while many players will argue that online casinos don’t match up to the bricks-and-mortar experience, knowing that you won’t have to face the following problems, logging in on your PC, tablet or smartphone seems like a clever way to play.

No worrying about tipping

It’s considered good practice of players to tip dealers at the tables in land-based casinos. The amount you tip, obviously is determined by you as a player. As one can imagine, big winners are often the most generous tippers, especially when they feel that the dealer had a role to play in luck coming their way.

However, staff at some top Vegas casinos have reported that they were fearing the impact of bad tipping behaviour from Chinese tourists. It’s estimated that 16% of the visitors to this gaming hotspot in Nevada in the States, are from China. And with China’s Hainan Airlines, now offering direct flights between Beijing and Vegas, the numbers are expected to soar even higher. While Chinese tourists are notorious for spending loads of cash, they apparently hold back on tips for the staff at restaurants, hotels and casinos.

According to research, they’re likely to tip about 5%, only if they find service to be exceptional. What these tourists seem to miss, is that casino staff earn meager salaries and that their tips can account for up to 80% of their income. So as the influx of Chinese tourists to Vegas casinos increases, the problem escalates and casino employees’ earnings shrink.

This problem of course, won’t affect the players or employees at online and mobile casinos.

No missing out on unclaimed winnings

Your winnings really aren’t any good to you if you don’t claim it, right? Well, in Nevada, it’s been reported that many players don’t claim, while the casinos and state government get to laugh all the way to the bank. One reason for this is that many slots and lottery terminals in Nevada have started issuing paper tickets instead of coins. While some players might lose or misplace these tickets, others simply leave it behind in the machines or don’t bother redeeming small amounts. In total, the tickets left behind at casinos on the strip amounted to $7 million. As they expire, the voucher values get redirected to the state’s general fund, of which the casinos get to keep 25%. In the last 5 years the unclaimed money has reached a colossal $35 million.

The advantage of playing at an online casino is that you can track your winnings and bankroll within just a click or two. And should your account remain unused for a certain period, the casino is likely to inform you that you still have funds available.

No exposure to violent behaviour

Human behaviour can be hard to predict and even harder to control, especially in places like casinos where emotions can run high and money is at stake. Most top-end land-based casinos have staff and procedures in place to deal with unfortunate and often violent situations, but this doesn’t stop these incidents from happening. Regulatory bodies and casino watchdogs however ensure that these situations are kept to a minimum and follow strict disciplinary processes that could have casinos’ doors closing, if they don’t comply.

The upside of playing at an online casino, is that the only player’s behaviour you’ll ever be exposed to, is that of yourself.

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