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Everyone who is involved in internet gambling knows that one of its main luring techniques is the fact that anyone anywhere can place any bet with a simple click. The fact that you can click a mouse to place a bet anywhere really makes it easy. As if online gambling is not easy enough, the internet gambling websites are now seducing Malaysians with yet another technique, as they offer them very low bets, that can come as low as 8 RM. They have also increase the gambling topics, while internet wagers on sports is very normal. For example, football and soccer are considered the main target; the internet gambling websites now offer and accepts wagers on other topics such as entertainment and even politics.

They also went on a new low by putting up links on social network websites, such as Facebook that would lead the players to portals where they sign up and register. The registering process is as easy as it can be, as a player can easily register by making a deposit of only 50 RM through various payment options, cash deposit, ATMs and Credit Cards. It is becoming a trend now, as all the wagering companies in Klang Valley are now providing the links on social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. These links would allow all players who are older than 18 years to register and start betting, despite the fact that the 21 is the legal age for betting in Malaysia.

The internet is such a global arena so its important that gambling marketers play fair and by the rules of other countries.  Marketing to people under the legal gambling age is despicable, so it is important that each gambling company and those that market for them are fully aware of the laws in the countries that target.


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