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Blackjack Apps for Free and Real Money

These Blackjack Apps are available for iOS, Android and Windows Tablets Desktops and Phones

Blackjack Apps for iPhone and Android


Branium Blackjack

Branium Studios Blackjack

Brainium has done it again with a Blackjack game that players are sure to love! Brainium's version of the game is incredibly fun to play and can cater to players who have advanced skill settings or who happen to be novices. Unlike other online Blackjack games Brainium's game version does not require players to spend money or purchase chips in order to play the game. The game works well on Android phones but works best on Android tablets. The interface of the game is immaculate and sets itself apart from other competing versions of the game. If players are not sure of what moves to make there is a handy ‘Hint' option for users to get a hint during gameplay. The developers of the game guarantee a fantastic experience for those who give this game a try! Get this App


Super Lucky Casino

Super Lucky Casino: Free Slots, Bingo + Card Games Casino

With more than 50,000,000 downloads and installations, 12 Gigs' “BLACKJACK” game app is making its mark as one of the most popular games on the Android market. Unlike most Android games and apps 12 Gigs' “BLACKJACK” games does not require an internet connection in order for players to have a blast in playing Blackjack for hours. The game allows users to play the game without spending real money. Feel like a real Las Vegas professional Blackjack player without the cost! The game boasts more than a 4 out of 5-star rating and has more than 255 thousand positive reviews in the game market. Download the game today and experience the fun that millions of players experience daily! Get this App


Casino App Blackjack


BlackJack!, created by Fil Games, is an exciting blackjack game for your Android phone or tablet that will provide endless hours of exciting gameplay.With over 18 levels and themes to choice from, multiple blackjack rules to try out and free daily rewards such as bonus chips; you'll easily find yourself coming back every day to get in on the action.In addition to the exciting gameplay and multiple themed options to choose from, BlackJack! is one of the only games in the app store that give you tutorials on how to count cards. Not only can you play this game for simple pleasure, but you can use it as a guide to improve your card counting skills! Enjoy amazing gameplay and improve your card counting skills with BlackJack! Get this App


Blackjack 21 Abzorba

BlackJack 21

21 BlackJack by AbZorba Games was voted as one of the best and most interactive BlackJack games on the market. 21 BlackJack is also one of the only multiplayer play for free games on the Google Play market. Not only is 21 BlackJack an extremely fun game but the developers of the app have given the game an exciting social aspect that other Blackjack games could only dream of having. Players can choose and customize Avatars that players from all over the world will see once they choose to interact with different tables from different parts of the globe. If the exciting graphics and engaging animations don't pull you in, the guarantee of a good time sure will! Get this App


Blackjack Vegas 21

Blackjack – myVEGAS 21 Free

Want to experience the excitement of real Vegas blackjack in the palm of your hand? Look no further than myVegas 21 Free HD Premium Blackjack! This innovative app from Playstudios offers an authentic Vegas experience with majestic HD graphics. Best of all, it's full of opportunities for you to win big!

MyVegas Blackjack has something that sets it apart from every single other app. Simply by playing, you will earn loyalty points from exclusive entertainment brands. No surveys, no watching videos, and no gimmicks. It's completely effortless!

MyVegas Blackjack also contains great features such as:

– Three exciting game modes – Single-deck Blackjack, Progressive Jackpot Multi-deck, Free Wager Blackjack
– Official ShaqJack Blackjack tables
– Slots with Progressive jackpots
– Loyalty points that earn you great rewards such as comps for lodging, complete packaged travel, comps on meals and shows, VIP nightclub access and even cruises  Get this App


Blackjack Classic

Blackjack Classic

Do you want to enjoy a classic Blackjack game in a nice, portable version? Then this classic blackjack game is for you. The game has a realistic layout that has all of the design specifications to make the user feel like they are right there in the casino.

The game requires Android 4.0.3 and up in order to play well. The game does not rely on anything fancy or flashy; it simply does a good job of replicating the gambling experience for the gambling enthusiast. Players are able to enjoy the game in a safe, stimulating environment. It is rated Teen for simulated gambling. Get this App


Blackjack Fever

Blackjack Fever

Do you love playing blackjack online? Then Blackjack Fever from Sprakelsoft GmbH is a great choice for you. The Blackjack Fever app creates a classic casino feel which is a perfect choice if you are tired of the bells and whistles of the glitzier apps and just want a classic Las Vegas ambiance. Blackjack Fever offers high definition graphics and a steady frame rate of 60 frames per second. It runs on any Android powered device. Get this App


Blackjack Slots

Mile High Slots – Blackjack

Are you a fan of online card games? Then “Blackjack” from developer Mile High Slots may just be the game for you. If the Las Vegas casino look is your cup of tea then you're sure to love the user-friendly, classic style interface of this app. The app features a simple, user-friendly design complete with realistic card sounds and genuine-looking cards with proud American eagle designs. Try your luck at the virtual table today! Get this App


Gold Rush Blackjack

Gold Rush Blackjack

Do you like playing online blackjack but get bored with the standard issue Vegas style casino look of most blackjack apps? Well, then Gold Rush Blackjack from developer Gadgetcrafts is just the app to suit your fancy. Its Wild West inspired design scheme will make you feel like you're sitting down to play a hand at the table in an old time saloon. And the graphics are great! Plus you can choose between three different tables for added variety.

There are thousands of Blackjack games on the Android market but none of them compare to Gold Rush Blackjack! Gadgetcrafts developed this much sought after casino game to bring the exciting world of blackjack to virtual users all around the world. The eye-catching graphics and old-timey Western themes are sure to be a hit with players of all ages. The game provides instructions, hints, and tips to cater to players varying in skill levels. Novice players and advanced players need not worry about learning how to play or about needing a refresher course in the game. Consumers who have played Gadgetcraft's Gold Rush Blackjack game have hailed this game as great and an entertaining and enjoyable time. Get the App



Multi Hand Blackjack

Multi Hand Blackjack created by developer Naive Code, is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat.

With Multi Hand Blackjack, you can play either single player or join up with others in a great multiplayer experience. With amazing quality graphics and the ability to play up to three hands at a time, you'll be sure to find hours’ worth of exciting gameplay.

Multi Hand Blackjack features no annoying ads, no locked features, and no obtrusive in-app purchase. Download this one of a kind blackjack app today and prove to yourself and the competition that you have what it takes to become a blackjack master! Get this App


Happiplay Blackjack Live

HappiPlay Blackjack

You've tried other mobile blackjack games, now try the best! In HappiPlay's Blackjack, the exciting gameplay is delivered on six different tables with hundreds of unique playing combinations, each with unique betting minimums. You can play against millions of other players online worldwide so that you can take the bragging rights beyond your backyard and internationally in-your-face. Bring the competition home with fun mini games and Facebook synchronization that allows you to score against your friends and post your standings to your Facebook wall. Hot graphics round out this exceptional addition to the Google Play store, where your winnings round up to a whole lot of fun in HappiPlay's Blackjack. Get this App


Blackjack! 21

Casino BlackJack!

Do you like to play classic Las Vegas casino style blackjack from the comfort of your own home? If so then Casino BlackJack! from game designers Alchemic Solutions Group offers an intriguing balance between strategy practice and instant gratification. If you're a more rigorous, rule following player you can play by normal blackjack guidelines. But if you like a nice shortcut now and then you can take advantage of a hint feature built into the app: when a star pops up, you can click on it a peek at the dealer's hand. Casino BlackJack! Runs on all Android devices.  Get this App


Sleepwalkers Blackjack

Sleepwalkers Blackjack app has it all with help for building skills and learning the different bets. You will receive free daily bonuses of 1,000 chips. Once you finish playing this free app with in-app purchases, the split or double bet will be easy calls. The display has colorful chips ranging in denominations of 10 to 500. The dealer’s hand is set in the center above yours so the winner is quickly shown. Icons across the bottom make it a snap to bet, hit, or stand. There is also a multiplier feature up to two times each bet. Developer DroidVeda offers 1,000 extra credits for inviting your Facebook friends to play or asking them to share. Get this App


BlackJack Aletta Ocean

The world of Blackjack was forever changed when Private Apps developed their own version of the Blackjack app. Private BlackJack Aletta Ocean boasts one of the highest user ratings in the entire Google Play store. The Private Apps version of the game has one of the easiest interfaces of any game on the Google Play market and even has an in-game assistant to help novice players or give a refresher course to advanced players. The assistant, Aletta, can be accessed at any point in the game and will even interact with players throughout the game. Convenient controls in the game make dealing, splitting, hitting, doubling, and betting virtually effortless. Bring this classic game to life with a new aged spin with Private Apps Private BlackJack with Aletta Ocean. Get this App


BlackJack Trainer Lite

Do you want to improve your blackjack skills? If you enjoy playing but find yourself thinking “I bet I could be much better at this with a few pointers and some well-directed practice” then BlackJack Trainer Lite from HornetApps is just the app you need. Specifically designed as an instructional app, BlackJack Trainer Lite offers invaluable features including strategy tutorials, real-time feedback while playing, and a statistics log not only for your wins and losses but for your correct and incorrect decisions. And if you're proud of your progress the app lets you post your achievements on Facebook. Get this App


BlackJack Android App

This version of BlackJack is absolutely brilliant. The graphics make you feel as though you are sitting right at the Casino and playing the game live!

The name of the game is BlackJack and that’s just what you get! This version of BlackJack is unique because it gives you real life scenarios that are not available in other versions of the game. This particular BlackJack App runs on the idea that the dealer absolutely must stand on all 17’s.

This version of BlackJack is formed by the developer, Rnftechnologies. This app is for Android and is geared towards teens. The most recent update occurred in April of 2015 and many of the previous bugs have been worked out making the gaming experience much more enjoyable. Get this App


Casinomaster Blackjack

Engaging blackjack game apps are hard to find especially ones that offer tutorials. Casinomaster has the tutorial as well as tips and break down of the bets. Developer Second Game Studios offer you the chance to hone skills at blackjack or learn the ropes. It is the European version so there will be no double zero like the American counterpart. You will enjoy the action with real sounds of the spinning wheel and ball as it falls into the winning slot. The crisp graphics display perfectly on any android that is a 2.0 version or higher. It is a free download in Google Play that also has eight more games and in-app purchases starting at 99¢. Get this App


Black Jack 21 by Infimosoft

The blackjack app from Infimosoft is a blackjack app from the Google play store that gives you the opportunity to play Vegas style blackjack. This app has simplified the game of blackjack and has now given you a $200 purse of credits to play with. The goal of the game is to play simple blackjack 21 without all the bells and whistles of the other blackjack games that are out there. Unlike other blackjack games that require you to use your own money, with this game you are betting only virtual money. When your virtual money runs out, you are able to replenish it very quickly. Get this App



Become a card playing master with Blackjack Master

Blackjack Master is a new and exciting Blackjack game for Android mobile phones and tablets, that will provide you with endless hours of enticing gameplay. Blackjack Master has some of the most advanced graphics you'll find on the market, with multiple themes to choose from, you can rest assured that you'll always find a graphically pleasing environment while playing your favorite form of cards.

With an easy to use interface and clear gameplay objectives, you'll be able to pick up the art of Blackjack in no time. Whether you're a novice just learning the game or a seasoned veteran, Blackjack Master is one of the best games available to provide you with your quick Blackjack fix. Get the App


Blackjack by Clockwatchers

Clockwatchers Blackjack is a new exciting game app that is attracting the attention of recreational virtual casino players around the globe. This exceptional blackjack game was created by CWIGames.Com. Clockwatchers Blackjack has all the features blackjack enthusiasts enjoy. Let’s take a close look at what makes this gaming app special.-Players are awarded free casino chips every two hours

-Exceptional graphics that include huge chips, large cards, and elegant tables

-Players have many playing options at their disposal. For example, one can split a pair or double down

-Online and offline play is available throughout the entire day

-Daily Spin the Wheel login bonus gives players a chance to win free chips

-Special achievements can be unlocked during winning streaks

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