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Microgaming Blackjack: The Standard for Online Blackjack

Microgaming Blackjack is the biggest and most well-known online Blackjack gaming software that there is. It has three big categories that are broad and expansive that the Blackjack games are divided into. It also offers the best chances of beating the dealer while offering sample practice gaming. To prove its superiority in the gaming arena, they have even updated many of their early releases with their new Gold Series editions of the games. With multi-hand blackjack and high stakes Blackjack available, these games can be played for free or for real money with membership with participating online casinos.

Microgaming Classic Blackjack

Microgaming has 40 plus ways in which the dealer can lose by a two card 21 total! That makes it the closest player versus house online gaming in existence for Blackjack. It is a household name already and when online gamers decide to play they almost always think of Microgaming Blackjack first.

Microgaming Classic Blackjack software is considered elite and is included in a collection of over 400 different casino games. All of their games, including Microgaming Live Blackjack are multilingual and many are offered as multi-hand versions and in some instances, a progressive jackpot on top of all of that. The top-notch software platform could not be doing any better, and even though it has a huge selection of games with varying rules, there are generalizations about each game that can be expected and familiarity and comfort. Its games will have anywhere between one (Microgaming single deck Blackjack) to eight standard 52 card decks, and no matter how big the stack is, it will shuffle each time the game starts. Also, its dealers will always hold on 17, and if they hit 21 then the entire bet prior by the gamer will be lost including a double or split bet.

It will also offer players insurance on most games if the dealer shows an ace. Doubling down on any of the first two cards dealt is standard except when European rules are in play, and then a double down can only happen when the first cards dealt total to the amounts of 9, 10 or 11. When aces get split they it can only happen one time, and then an additional card will be given and a stand is forced. Finally, a split can only happen with like cards. Microgaming Blackjack has a variety to offer, yet with each variation adheres to the spirit of the game.

Special Features

It even offers some special features to casino members. It allows avid players to see auditor reports in some of its online casinos to confirm that it has a balanced and fair gaming process. There is also a special expert mode offered by Microgaming Blackjack allows for a unique customized strategy to be created that its games can be played on auto in their Gold Series. Table limits have different caps depending on the casino. Almost all tables will have a one or two credit commencement, but then a maximum bet of 200, 500, 1000 and as high as 5000 credits.

Microgaming Gold Series

Its Gold Series gaming offers much faster play with animations so realistic it will look like a physical casino table. It will give players the chance to customize the view too. That can not only enhance the experience, but it gives players an advantage when graphics are more realistic by making the brain and eye sharper when playing by erasing the blur of the standard series.

It also offers a key advantage to Blackjack by showing the best move possible to a player in their current circumstance so Microgaming Blackjack will literally help players win at times with the Gold Series. It offers larger and better-positioned control buttons too. Finally, the Gold Series makes everything visual, enhanced and the gameplay improved exponentially.

Microgaming Blackjack is the standard in Blackjack gaming. It offers everything above and so much more. The regular gameplay and options are superior to the competition, and the Gold Series blows everything out of the water. Microgaming online Blackjack closes the gap between the player and house while it stands on its own as the most enjoyable and authentic Blackjack gaming.

In this section of the Blackjack guide, we take a look at each variation of Blackjack offered by Microgaming. Here are some of the Blackjack variations that we will cover:

Atlantic City Blackjack Gold

The Gold Series Atlantic City Blackjack game is a great game. Microgaming took the best parts of the earlier version and updated them with more style, color, and features. The changes make this version an entirely new game just one more in a long line to love from this source. The company has done it again taking this property and making it new again. Microgaming is widely known as a top provider of software in the casino industry. In 1994 the company started one of the first Internet casinos.

The company has continued publishing a top quality mix of licensed and proprietary content for over twenty years. For a blackjack fan or even a new player this round of the series and its deviations are created with panache. Atlantic City Blackjack is made to resemble the game being played in actual real world casinos and it hits the mark. The style shines through in this latest installment the game layout is well organized and detailed. The software is accessible and straightforward in its specifics. These points are essential to any software company and products by Microgaming do not disappoint.

There are a few alterations in this game. The changes take the form of enhanced rules. The game is played with multiple decks of cards which are shuffled each round to achieve the best mix. The purpose of the game is to beat the dealer. Most people have heard of black Jack you need 21 or anything higher than the dealer, but less than 21 in total to win the hand. Going over 21 means you lose. The game includes options that you would have in a casino. You have options to change your hand, insure your bet at least for half the amount and other opportunities. All the rules are available by scrolling over an icon on the table that lists the figures available to bet. This once again opens the floor up to players of all skill levels. The graphics are intense, the speed and sound are adjustable.

There are several game levels so that it is accessible for players from beginner to expert mode. The game includes a re-bet future, which lets the player lock in their bet for multiple rounds they have also added a quick deal alternative that smooths and speeds up the flow of the gameplay. The Sound effects are precise and adjustable in each audio facet of the actual background music, to the noises made by the dealer it is on point. The speed of this game is adjustable with four settings.

This game’s take on expert mode, stimulating visuals, and flexible sound options show how gameplay should be done. The way the cards are dealt, the point of view of the player and even the sounds are right. The addition of true to life casino rules the player gets the benefit. From allowing the player to increase the bet up to the highest value, while obligating them to stand after one more card is added to their hand. Or the option if the first two cards have the same worth the player can divide them into two separate hands. Microgaming also lets the player surrender taking only half the bet terminating that round. These rules make Gold Series Atlantic City Blackjack a realistic gambling experience.

Big Five Blackjack Gold

With the help of Microgaming, fans of online casinos have been introduced to a new and fascinating blackjack game. This unique form of entertainment is a blackjack game that has a list of extras. These extras include characters to help provide a South African safari theme. While playing this game you can expect to see buffalos, leopards, lions, and even rhinos. As you play this game you will notice why it is called Big Five Blackjack Gold. This game is played using five decks of cards. This number of decks used in the playing of this game is one of the reasons this game is so special. An increase in the number of cards can help you to boost your chances of winning. This blackjack game is available to online gamers in a multi-hand arrangement that allows a single player to pay up to five hands or a player can choose to play in a single hand setup.

If you play this blackjack game you will notice that the instructions of Microgaming blackjack game are a blend of the guidelines from traditional online blackjack games. Viewing these rules are simple, just position your mouse over the Game Rules Image. In addition to rules for the players, there are also rules for the dealer. These rules can help you to strategize your game better. One of the rules is that the player will always hit on a soft total of 17. This ruling helps to provide an upper hand to the house while also supplying the player with some advantage.

For players that enjoy variety when they bet, the blackjack game is for you. These games allow players to bet a minimum of 5 credits up to 1,000 credits.

This game continues to offer players with a host of benefits with the help of a split. In this game, players have the ability to split up to 3 times, which means the player can make 4 hands. Also, players have the ability to either double after receiving a split or they can double down two cards of their choice.

Even though players have the ability to split, some cards are limited to the number of times that you can split them. One of these cards is the Ace. According to game rules, the Ace is only able to be split one time. Also, it is important to remember that once you split the ace card with a 10 value is just 21 and it will not be recognized as being a blackjack hand.

Surrendering is allowed in this blackjack game but not in the traditional form that requires the dealer to check their hand for blackjack. In this game the surrender process and rules are different. When player surrender the player forfeits half of his or her wager.

To start playing this game, you must place a wager. Once you place your bet the dealer deals you two cards face up. The dealer also deals itself one card face up. Once the three cards have been dealt you have two choices. You can either decide to surrender or continue to play. Deciding to surrender your hand means that the dealer wins that hand. Choosing to continue to play will render you three more chooses. You can either choose for the dealer to provide you with a hit, to stand, or to double down. The game continues to provide you with choices until you reach your five card limit, have a busted hand (cards totaling over 21), or you reach 21.

Bonus Blackjack Gold by Microgaming

Bonus Blackjack Gold is a game that is produced and released by Microgaming. This game boasts a very elegant table display with a larger area for playing. The rules have a lot of resemblance to the non-gold version of Bonus Blackjack. One major difference is that the betting minimum is 5 credits while the other game only requires 1 credit. The maximum betting amount is 1,000 credits. The player can play up to five hands in Bonus Blackjack against the dealer.

The Dealer in Bonus Blackjack Gold

For the most part, the gameplay is the same as the other versions of Blackjack. The good news is that one could read the rules by accessing the Games Rules icon which will open the rules for the user to read. One could also access the Help file which has comprehensive information about the game. One rule that should be considered above all other rules is that Bonus Blackjack is based on the American hole card format.

The dealer gets the hole card. If it is a ten value card or an ace, then the dealer makes a check for a blackjack which leaves the player at an advantage. One other advantage is that only two decks are used to play the game as opposed to the six or eight sets of cards of other games. When it comes to blackjack, with decreased numbers of decks, the player gets an increased advantage against the dealer. This advantage does leave the bonus bet and wager option ignored.

Other Bonus Blackjack rules are; the dealer is required to hit a soft seventeen. The player is able to double down with any of the two cards or after a split. Players have three splits for four hands. The player could only split an ace once by one card. A ten value card coupled with a split ace is a 21 and not a blackjack.

Optional Bonus Bet

The optional bonus bet is to be placed first when the ante bet is placed. It depends on the first two cards what is paid. It doesn't matter whether or not the game is won or lost.

There is one feature that is sure to keep the players interested, and that is the Strategy Card Auto Play feature which can be accessed from Expert Mode. It can be accessed by clicking the Auto Play tab and opening up the setup menu. From there on the player can look through the options to set up the type of auto play mode that he wants. He can start as low as 5 auto deals or go as high as 500 deals. Players also have control over the duration and continuation of the Auto Play feature.

Overall Bonus Blackjack Gold is a great game that casino players should check out. It has plenty of features and both the newcomer and the veteran will be excited for days to come with this Blackjack game. This game can be played live at many online casinos that support Microgaming software.

Double Exposure Blackjack Gold

Those looking forward to playing Blackjack online should check out  Double Exposure Blackjack Gold from the Microgaming. Unlike many other blackjack games, this online game includes a few twists compared to a classic blackjack game. While the basic strategy of playing the game is still the same, with the new double exposure feature players will find an interesting and competitive online platform to play. Many players often assume that the double discovery feature will always be in the favor of the casino. However, the rules of the game actually favor the player. All in all, this blackjack game is very intriguing with loads of choices for the player.

What is the Double Exposure Blacjkack deal?

Unlike the usual blackjack game, players will have the option to see the cards of the dealer. In fact, the game is played with both the dealer’s cards with face up. This makes the game more interesting. When players can see the dealer’s card, they can easily decide whether to hit or stand. In the case of a value of 19 or 20 with the dealer’s cards, players can take the chance of an elusive deuce if they want to. Simply, the process of drawing a card to make the perfect 21 in blackjack becomes easier for the player. The catch is that players have to pay the price to see the cards. In this game, players and dealers will play that 1 to 1 card game payout on getting a Blackjack instead of the usual blackjack game with 3 to 2.

Game Outline:

Double Exposure Blackjack Gold is another awesome online card game for all avid players. This is a free online blackjack game and real money game ideal for those looking for an interesting platform to play. Just as all other games from the Microgaming, this game too features awesome graphics and sounds. The new double exposure feature is surely something appealing for all players.

Before the gameplay, the cards are perfectly shuffled. The rate varies based on the minimum set by the casino. It can be from $1 to $200 as well. Of course, players can hit the blackjack with a perfect 21. If not, they can always opt for seeing the dealer’s cards and try gaining more points than him without getting busted.


The game starts with the dealer having two cards for him until reaching the total of 17. When the player and the dealer have equal points, the game goes in the favor of the player. Double feature is applicable to 9, 10 or 11 points. The double after split is also part of this game. Based on the game rules, players can split their cards three times to have four hands on the table. Players can also pay extra to buy insurance on certain cards.

Bonus Features:

This online game also features some bonus features. Progressive jackpots are other features of this Double Exposure Blackjack Gold Lottery.

Those who love casino games will surely love this interesting game. The Double Exposure Blackjack Gold not only offers a competitive platform, but also it offers some amazing game play choices for players. The new double exposure feature makes this game more enjoyable. Players who love card games and multi-hand blackjack should check out this unique Double Exposure blackjack gold from the Microgaming today.

European Blackjack Gold

Microgaming is now presenting the European Blackjack Gold series. While European and American Blackjack are very similar to each other, there is one major difference: The European kind doesn't use the Hole Card rule.

With the Hole Card, the dealer must receive one card down, which is the Hole Card, and one card face up, also known as the Up Card. This is done when the cards are first dealt. If the dealer's Up Card would be a face card or an Ace, then the dealer is required check Blackjack before the play can continue. However, with European Blackjack, the dealer would only receive one card face up, also known as the Up Card, during the beginning of the game. The dealer will complete the hand after all the players are completed with playing their hands.

Other than that, the gist of the game is basically the same, regardless if it's American or European Blackjack. This is where the player must beat the dealer by having a higher hand than the dealer that goes up to 21. European Blackjack is, of course, throughout Europe and is offered in various countries throughout the world. There may be a slight difference in playing European Blackjack on different sites, traditional casinos, and countries. Nevertheless, all-in-all, they are all basically the same for one's ultimate enjoyment. All one has to do if needed, is to read the guidelines for the European Blackjack game on the site or at the casino played. Tutorials are also given many times if needed.

With the Microgaming's Gold Version of this extraordinary game, players will enjoy superior graphics; spectacular animation and sound; and other great features for the players' utmost satisfaction. With Microgaming being the ultimate, and most reputable software development organization in casino gaming, players can be assured that they will receive the best in their online gaming experience with them. And furthermore, with the Microgaming's European Blackjack Gold, there are great features, such as the “Quick Deal” and the “Auto-Rebet”. These features are installed for continuous, quick play without the distraction if preferred by the player. This game also uses the standard, two deck (52) cards, and it uses the standard rules of European Blackjack. With the use of two decks, this gives the player an advantage over higher quantities of decks, and it reduces significantly the House Edge, due to it being lesser decks to play.

Other guidelines of the European Blackjack Gold is as follows: Dealer Stands- on all 17s; Blackjack- pays 3:2; insurance- pays 2:1; no surrender; double down- on any first two cards with a values being 9, 10 or 11; no re-double down; split- on cards of same denomination; no re-split; no re-split Aces; and split Aces- can receive multiple cards. There is also no double after splits, multi-hand, multiplayer, or progressive. And lastly, a Ten and an Ace would have a value of 21 after splitting, not Blackjack.

European Blackjack Redeal

Microgaming's new European Blackjack Redeal Gold lives up to its title by allowing players that do not like the cards that they have been dealt to request a redeal while the action is going. The net result for players is that they have another opportunity to win a hand that might otherwise go to the dealer.

The price of each redeal will vary depending upon what part of the game the players are in. The highest price for a redeal comes when a player requests that their own card be redealt after they have gone over 21. The lowest price for a redeal correspondingly appears when a redeal would lessen the value of a player's hand. Players can also choose to redeal the dealer's hand at most points during the game, but cannot do so after they have finished playing their own hand. Finally, there is also an option to redeal the player's entire hand available.

The redeal feature definitely enhances the game by creating new risk and opportunity for players. How that translates into probability of success for those playing a round online has not been statistically published as of yet.

No Surrender

Outside of the redeal feature, the primary difference in European Blackjack when compared to Vegas Blackjack is that the dealer's second card is never dealt until the players have all stood on the cards that they have. Another difference is that instead of using one deck, the house uses two decks that are shuffled after each round, making card tracking a little more complex. On the betting side, if the dealer has a blackjack, the player will lose all of the money that they bet and the surrender option is not available.

The other rules of the game are similar: dealers must draw on 16 and must hold on 17, players have the option to split hands when they have two of a kind and play both hands, and players can also double their bet whenever they have a solid hand. With regards to splits, players are allowed to split aces and they may only split once each hand. Multiplayer tables are also a feature.

Microgaming thoughtfully includes a guide that helps players shape their betting and game play strategy by providing in-game help and statistical references that show how other professionals would handle a given circumstance. For absolute newcomers to the game of blackjack, contextual help strategically located on the gaming table where it logically should be will allow them to get up to speed in a hurry.

As per normal, the graphics on the gaming table are rich and make for smooth and enjoyable play.

Microgaming's Hi Lo 13 European Blackjack

Hi-Lo 13 European Blackjack Gold is an online Blackjack game developed by Microgaming and it is packed with fun and excitement for players to enjoy. The game features three side wagers, and Hi-Lo 13 offers players plenty hitch on their wagers. The rules of European blackjack are quite standard while the side bets are even simpler to learn and understand. The objective of this game is to allow a player to wager on whether the total of his initial two cards is higher, lower or exactly 13. This is where the name Hi-Lo 13 came from.

Hi-Lo 13 European Blackjack Gold is considered to have more fun than the normal online Blackjack. The popularity of this game has taken it to the next level. Players can make cash the regular way in addition to other side bets that make this game more inviting. The game is set among high-class casinos with top quality graphics and images and silky-smooth animation. Indeed, players can enjoy another luxury of Monte Carlo just in the comfort of their living rooms.

Players never get tired of playing this game, due to variations and extra excitement with more ways to win a fortune. Players who are ready to cash in their chip, they should think of Hi-Lo 13 European Blackjack Gold, because it's rolling out the red carpet for them.

Strategy and Rule for Playing Hi-Lo 13 European Blackjack Gold

The rules of playing this game apply to all other Blackjack games. Players and dealers aim at scoring 21 using more than two cards. The one who gets close to 21 without going over will win. When starting the game, the player and the dealer will receive two cards each. One of the cards in the possession of the dealer will be visible to the player. Eleven more cards can be drawn, but the dealer will always have a score of 17. If the dealer busts, the player automatically win, and if they tie, it's called a push.

If the dealer will get Blackjack, the bets are lost. A player can decide to place an insurance bet against the dealer if he picks an Ace in the first card. The game allows players to place side bets in every game. This side bet is called Hi-Lo gamble. For a player to take up Hi-Lo bet, he must predict ‘above, equal, below 13'. The first two cards of a player will determine the value of the hand and the result of the Hi-Lo gamble. The payouts are 1:1, but bets that successfully tie return at 10:1.

The sizes of the chips for Hi-Lo 13 European Blackjack are set at 1, 5, 10 and 25. They are used to make bets from 1 to maximum of 200. This game is available on Gold version. Casino lovers have something to keep them busy when they want to gamble. Hi-Lo 13 European Blackjack Gold it the right game to play and watch your luck transform into real cash prizes.

High Streak European Blackjack Gold

Blackjack is a classic among gambling games. Has been for many, many years. Gamblers the world over hold it in the highest esteem. Many versions of this treasured game have long been a staple of the online gambling world. Enter the newest and possibly the best version among them: The online High Streak European Blackjack Gold. As the name implies, the game is operated under the European Blackjack rules. This newest edition to the blackjack library is the brain child of online gaming giant, Microgaming. They have successfully engineered one of the most beautiful and enjoyable online games of all time.

High Streak European Blackjack Gold is designed to be a part of their Gold Series, a line of online games specifically created with the veteran, serious online gamblers in mind. Games in their Gold Series are supposed to be among the very best, the technology perfectly able to simulate live play. High Streak European Blackjack Gold is a popular table gambling game that features a side bet option called a High Streak that increases the chances of winning a payout. It is a side game that is not actually within the main game but runs alongside and in conjunction with it.

The side feature automatically comes on when the player wins the main game. It is played for multiple chances to increase the winnings already earned. Every time the player wins a hand of this side game, the ratio of the winnings from the primary game get higher. The chances for more increase depend on how many hands you win in High Streak. That is, every time you win a hand, you automatically get to play another hand to increase the ratio of your original winnings. The winning ratios of High Streak start at 1:1 and go all the way to 1:10!

Five rounds are needed in order to achieve the maximum 1:10 ratio. This increases that the ratios create will depend upon your side bets for each round of High Streak. This side bet feature is only one of the many amazing things about this game. It also comes with top-notch graphics. In addition, this online version allows the player the option of either speeding up or slowing down game play to their personal comfort. Its graphics and game play options are so honed that it is now considered one of the world’s best online games.

If you are a dedicated online gambling player, High Streak European Blackjack Gold is not only fantastically enjoyable but the chances of winning a payout in every game is astronomical. Slick sound effects complete the imagery to create an impressive and unforgettable gaming experience.

Pontoon Gold

Pontoon Blackjack, sometimes referred to as Australian blackjack, is similar to the game of blackjack but has some variations so players need to make sure they are well versed in the differences to have a successful outcome. The overall goal of the game is to get a total of 21 points based on the cards dealt to a player without going over so that their total is higher than the dealer.

In Australian blackjack, Pontoon is the term used for any ace and a card with the value of ten. In other words, it is the traditional form of the American blackjack. Other important terms include stick, which means you choose to not draw any other cards and is similar to a stand, twist which means you want another card similar to a hit, and buy which means to double down.

One very important hand to know is the 5 card trick. The five card trick is when you have five cards in your hand that total up to be less than 21. If you manage this hand you automatically win. Therefore, it may be odd to choose to double down when you have a 21 or 11 split, but in this case the five cards would be the best choice since it will automatically beat the dealer. That is one key difference to understand when playing Pontoon. If you have low cards in your hand then it may be a good idea to try for five and abandon the idea of going for 21 altogether.

During Pontoon there are several game play rules that are always in play similar to a standard blackjack deal. A player’s cards are also dealt out with the face showing whereas the dealer’s cards are always facedown. If the score is 14 or lower than the player has to twist and can choose to twist if they have doubled down. A double down known as the buy, can be done any time they have two, three, or four cards in their hand. They are only allowed to double down (buy) one time. A player is allowed to split to form as much as three hands.

Dealers on the other hand have to hit if they get a 16 or a soft 17 and if they go over 21 then the players win. The dealer checks his card for Pontoon first before any plays are made on the hand. If the dealer has Pontoon they automatically win. Pontoon pays out 2 to 1 and any five card hand also pays out 2 to 1. Any ties that occur go to the dealer.

Spanish Blackjack Gold

Spanish Blackjack Gold by Microgaming is the venerable software firm's take on the popular blackjack game as it is interpreted in Las Vegas. Players should, therefore, expect to see Las Vegas rules prevail rather than European ones during gameplay.

Spanish Blackjack is played using Spanish decks, which are not actually ‘barajas' or real Spanish decks of playing cards. Instead, they are American decks of cards that have all of the cards with a value of 10 removed from the deck. That leaves players with 48 cards and a dealer base of at least 6 decks to draw from. The upshot is that odds of a player receiving a 10 value card go down slightly.

Game play normally progresses quickly, although Microgaming allows players to change the speed of the game at any point.

Unlike European blackjack, the dealer will deal themselves a second card and is allowed to look at its value when their other card is an ace or face card. They are also allowed to hit on a soft 17 instead of being forced to stand. One other American rule is that players are allowed to surrender and recoup part of their wager, something that is not normally allowed under European rules. Surrendering means that although the dealer can take your whole bet if they deal themselves a '21', if they do not have '21', the player is able to surrender their hand at that point and lose only 50 percent of their bet. In Spanish Blackjack Gold, players can also surrender later during gameplay. They have the option to surrender again after they have used the double option.

Professional blackjack strategy holds that surrendering initially can make sense when a player is dealt cards that equal a value of 16 and the dealer has a face card up. With the added option of surrendering after you have doubled, it gives players an even greater opportunity to analyze their circumstances.

Another nice feature of Spanish Blackjack Gold is that there is no push or dealer victory when both parties reach 21 or blackjack. Instead, the player wins out. When it comes to splits, the rules are quite liberal. Any pair of face cards qualify to split and multiple splits are possible, creating the possibility of a player being able to play four hands simultaneously. One caveat for players when splitting is that they need to double their aces after drawing to split them again.

On the payout side, Spanish Blackjack Gold pays an increasing amount to players that achieve 21 using multiple cards. Since eight decks of cards are drawn from, players can even achieve a 3:1 payout bonus if they can reach 21 with seven cards. They are also rewarded for using a run of six through eight or three seven's to reach 21. Finally, if they are able to get to 21 with three sevens when the dealer's visible card is also a 7, the payout is a whopping 50:1.

Super Fun 21 Blackjack Gold from Microgaming

Microgaming has put together yet another blackjack game by the name of Super Fun 21. This game has a blended deck of cards that excludes the joker. After each game, the card reshuffles. There are still a sense of limited possibilities for the duration of each game. The player will always wins against the dealer when it comes to a blackjack. The player's blackjack is considered greater than a dealer's blackjack. This gives an attractive advantage to the player. This game is one of those blackjack games the many players were taught from the comfort of their own home.

Super Fun 21 Blackjack Gold Bonus Games

One attractive feature of Super Fun 21 by Microgaming is the set of bonus games that it has which result in even greater payouts. There is very few things that casino games have that are more exciting than the bonus games. One great feature about the bonus games is that the winnings are increased with certain sets of cards. The following can increase winnings for players. A Diamond blackjack will give a winning of 2:1 from 3:2. This blackjack is achieved when both cards are diamond. Another winning hand is a six card play that totals to less than 20. The player will automatically win. Lastly, six or more cards that total 21 will pay 2:1 to the player.

Splitting Pairs in Super Fun 21 Blackjack Gold

Super Fun 21 allows the player to split pairs of ten that are different. For one example, a King of Hearts with a 10 of Spades can be split up to three times for four hands in total. Aces can be re-split. With initial cards, the player can double down. However, this disables access to any bonus games. If needed, there are two escape routes allowed in the game. These two escape routes are insurance and late surrender. The player can access the surrender route even after doubling down. Unfortunately, doubling down disables the insurance. One can bet 1,000 credits at maximum for SuperFun 21. Dollar bills are also allowed in the game.

This game features and expert mode which allows the player to access the auto-play mode. The auto-play mode uses a strategy table that is customized to the liking of the player in order to figure in the best approach to each and every hand that is dealt. The game also features play statistics in which the player can get a look at the win percentage. This will help the player learn about his strengths and weaknesses. He will also improve on his gaming with SuperFun 21.

Being a game that is created and distributed by Microgaming, it goes without saying that the visual presentation is unmatched. The game faithfully recreates the table to the last detail. The sound is also faithful to the sounds of the casino. The animation is fluid and detailed as well. Super Fun 21 is the type of game that is very exciting for players of all levels of skill in playing blackjack.

Triple Sevens Blackjack – Progressive

Online gamers will be happy to know that Microgaming has created Triple Sevens Blackjack. This blackjack game is in a different league due to its array of add-ons by Microgaming. One of the many additions is the ability to place what is known as a side bet. This type of bet allows you to accumulate credits in a huge way if you win. The side bets, if won, can give you access to an accumulated prize in the form of a jackpot and other bonuses. Another addition is the ability to utilized Expert Mode to modify Triple Seven Blackjack to your liking.

The point of this game is to create a hand that has a higher card count than the dealer. There is one catch, you cannot exceed twenty-one. If your hand count is higher than the dealer's then you win. Also, if you have three sevens of the same suit, you will win the accumulated prize. If you go over twenty-one or if you fail to get a higher card count than the dealer then you would lose that particular hand.

In order to start your Blackjack Triple Sevens game you will choose a wager amount for the game that is currently in progress.

You can also choose to be included in on the side bet by using your mouse to select the Blackjack Sevens betting circle. Selecting this option will trigger the dealer dealing your two cards, facing up. After two cards have been dealt to you, the dealer will then also deal itself two cards, one facing down and the other facing up.

With your two cards you can choose to receive a hit by selecting the “Hit” option or you can keep the cards that you have by selecting the “Stand” option. You also have a third option which is to double your bet and allow the dealer to provide you with another card. If you would like to choose this option just click the “Double” option. A fourth option is able to be selected when you choose the “Split” button. With the split option you are able to create two separate hands and increase your bet by 100%. Once this option is selected, the dealer will automatically deal you an extra card for each hand. You will then be able to play each hand separately.

When playing this game there are certain rules to remember that can help you to possibly win against the house. If the dealer has a hand with 16 or less, it must hit. In the event that the dealer has a hand with 17 or more, the dealer must stand. There are three hands that render a win. If you have Blackjack (21), if your dealer goes over a 21 card count, or if you get closer to a card count of 21 than the dealer. Also, to help you to strategize you’re playing, it is important to know that the game uses a total of five standard card decks which are re-shuffled after the end of every hand. In the even that both you and the dealer receive Blackjack, a draw will be used to determine the winner.

To also assist you with your strategy and playing there is a strategy chart available while playing the game. This strategy chart can help you during the game by guiding you in making decisions on what moves to making. Know exactly when to Split, Hold, or Double your hand with the help of this playing chart.

Microgaming's Vegas Downtown Blackjack

Vegas Downtown Blackjack is another game released by Microgaming and is another installment in the Gold Series of games. This is a very simple to play version of the blackjack games that are distributed by Microgaming. One thing about blackjack games created by Microgaming is that they come in a multitude of versions. There are versions that are played with 5 decks of cards or more. Some versions of the game deal a single hand. Given the different games with the different amount of decks played, the rules do remain the same whether it is single hand or multi hand.

Vegas Downtown Blackjack Gold uses two decks of cards. It does have a familiar layout. The rules are similar to other versions of blackjack. Of course the player will see differences with any variation of blackjack. As a matter of fact, just the idea of variation necessitates differences.

The goal is to get a higher number of cards than the dealer without passing 21. There is also the objective to have the dealer bust by exceeding 21 while the player stays under 21. Many Blackjack players are well aware of the differences between the downtown Las Vegas games and the Las Vegas strip blackjack games.

Double Down in Vegas Downtown Blackjack

The dealer of Downtown Blackjack gets a soft 17 even though he will stand on a hard 17. this is a lot like the game that is played in a casino at Downtown Las Vegas. The dealer then checks the hole card in order to see if there is a blackjack. The up-card could be an ace or a ten-value card. The player has a chance for an insurance on the up-card. Vegas Downtown Blackjack does not allow a surrender.

The player has the opportunity to double down with any two cards he has. He can also split up to three times for four hands in total. The game only allows one hit for splitting aces. Two ten-value cards of any kind can be split. The rank of the cards do not matter. When one gets a blackjack, he is paid 3:2. Insurance will pay the player 2:1. Another slight difference to look for is that the player's blackjack beats the dealer's blackjack. Other ties belong to the dealer.

With Vegas Downtown Blackjack, the player is presented with a clean layout. The player has a chip tray sitting right in front of him. All that he needs to do is click a chip and click the betting square. The cards are brought out from the shoe. After that, there are plenty of icons the player could choose form which present the player with every option that he could play. He has the choice of one option to choose.

There is one aspect of Vegas Downtown Blackjack thatstands out above the rest, and that is user friendliness. Microgaming has used that understanding in order to create a very user friendly game in which the player can control every aspect of. He can control the the sound of the game and the speed of the play. This basic game is the type of game that players could go to if they want to just be comfortable. Vegas Downtown Blackjack is available at Casinos that are powered by Microgaming.

Vegas Single Deck Blackjack Gold

Anytime the name Vegas in mentioned, you automatically think of thrills, adventure, and big winnings. Vegas Single Deck Blackjack Gold certainly lives up to its name. If you are fan of blackjack, you’ll love this game. It has everything a player could ask for. The look is superior to most of the other blackjack and casino games I’ve played lately and it’s bursting with extra features. Played with a deck of fifty-two cards, Vegas Single Deck Blackjack Gold gives you the strongest odds and the best chances to utilize expertise to come out on top.

With only one hand to play at a time and only 52 cards, you have a marked advantage over the multi-hand versions of blackjack. You have better chance of the getting the cards you hope to get. Obviously, this makes your chances of winning stronger, overall, making the entire game more fun for you, the player. So, take a seat at the table, take a deep breath, and place your bet. You’ll quickly learn exactly how skilled you are at the game of 21.

The graphics are top-notch and leave you with an elegant, classic casino impression. VSD Blackjack Gold boasts an eye-catching wooden-framed styled table. Plus, it’s super-realistic in the motion of the smooth card flips. The sound effects make you feel like you’re in a real casino, which creates an added feel of excitement. The best games appeal to as many of the senses as possible— VSD Blackjack Gold definitely provides this. This added realism makes you feel more focused on the game at hand on your game and it also helps out plan your strategy.

Vegas Single Deck Blackjack Gold: rules and strategy

VSD Blackjack Gold uses a standard deck of fifty-two cards.  The rules for this variant of Blackjack are similar to the standard rules of Blackjack. There are a couple of minor exceptions that led the uniqueness to this particular version of the game. As for getting ahead in the blackjack world, (VSDBJG) has the same rules for card movement as any other version of blackjack does. Players have the option to stand or hit and double down. Plus, you can purchase insurance, if it begins to appear that your deal has the upper hand. The main thing is this: you cannot surrender in Vegas Single Deck Blackjack Gold.

In this Blackjack variant, the dealer had to hit 17. This hit is in advantage to the player as it has a better chance of busting the dealer. It’s good to remember that this is an American rules game—so, if the dealer has a 10 or an Ace in his opening hand, he can also check to whether or not his hand drew a Blackjack. If he finds he is holding a Blackjack, his game is over.

One of the best and easiest ways of growing your chances of winning is splitting hands. You can split two cards that are of the same value and the same denomination. But if aces are split, you may receive only one card after splitting, If you get a 10, this will not count as a Blackjack, but only a normal 21.

Overall, this is an exciting game with excellent play, first-rate graphics, and great chances for the player to win. But it’s not an easy game—skill and experience comes out on top.

Vegas Strip Blackjack Gold

Vegas Strip Blackjack Gold is a betting game created by the company Microgaming who is a giant in the field of online casino games. There is no specialized theme, it just looks like an actual casino. It is very life-like and is only punctuated by the music and sound effects played during various moments of the game. Since its release the game has seen a slew of players and has been featured on many different casino betting sites. Vegas Strip Blackjack Gold offers its users numerous styles of play, which have users coming back to Vegas Strip Blackjack Gold time after time.

The graphics of Vegas Strip Blackjack Gold are simple and organized, something Microgaming is known for. All the color combinations go together and fit the casino vibe the game is going for. It is not the exact same as going to a casino but Vegas Strip Blackjack Gold is able to create a similar atmosphere without the player ever needed to leave home. The various in-game sounds can be changed to the user's liking with just a few clicks of their mouse. The necessary text is large, bold, and easy to read even from a distance.

Microgaming's Vegas Strip Blackjack Gold is easy to understand and is simple enough that newcomers have no trouble picking up the game. The controls are uncomplicated and all the rules, controls, and hotkeys for the game can be accessed in the top left drop down menu. Vegas Strip Blackjack Gold follows the basic rules of blackjack. The player is dealt cards from a shuffled deck and they have to choose whether or not the have more cards added.

The number of the cards equal their total with face cards counting as 10 and the Ace counting as 11 or 1. The object of the game is to beat the dealer by having a higher total than them without, as close to 21 as possible, without going over, which is called a bust. Each round users have the ability to hit, stand, or double. “Hitting” deals the played one more card, “Standing” means the player doesn't want anymore cards, and “Doubling” deals the player two card, which can be very risky. For those who have never played blackjack before there are plenty of help files available for Vegas Strip Blackjack Gold.

Vegas Strip Blackjack Gold has four different speed setting that the player can choose from and even change mid-game. The speeds are slow, medium, fast and fastest. This option benefits plays at all skill levels. Experienced players will have no trouble setting their speed to the highest possible to play instead of feeling weighed down by how slow the game is, and new players can learn to ropes at their own pace and not get confused or frustrated at how fast the game is going. Everyone can play at their prime comfort level.

Vegas Strip Blackjack Gold does not offer an automatic re-betting system, which is strange for Microgaming, who is normally all for quick game play. However this option is made up for with how easy and fast it is to place a bet regularly, almost negating the lack of the automatic re-bet. Users can only bet one hand at a time and reducing the betting amount or canceling a bet can be finicky.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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