PokerStars Boom Release

Pokerstars, one of the biggest if not the absolute biggest online poker operator has released its newest product, Boom. This Tuesday, Pokerstars supplied its players with new software that would make the players able to share different poker hands with each other. According to a statement from the website itself, the Boom! hand re-player is a tool that would provide the players with a social sharing type of function. This would allow players’ friends, Twitter followers and family to watch the hands that the players choose to post. Of course beside friends and family, the whole world of the online poker world will get to see these hands on

Players who wish to share their poker hands, whether it’s a huge pot hand, a bad played hand or a stellar hand, the player will easily share the hand by choosing to click on the Boom! button as soon as the hand is played. The people who will see these hands will get it in the form of a video replay that will show them the entire poker hand. This is considered the easiest and fastest way that players can show off their good hands or their big pot wins with other players. Not only that, but the website would allow the players to watch the hands and vote or comment on other players’’ shared poker hands. It will be the Facebook of poker hands.

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