Roulette: A Game of The Past and the Future

Throughout the history of currency, there have been countless amounts of people that have gone to gambling to earn money fast or to make a quick fortune from a lucky win. This fantasy has persisted ever since the dawn trading in civilization. Some people like to bet against each other's cards in poker, some people like to hope to get a lucky 21 in blackjack, and some people like to test their luck on the famous roulette wheel.

This game is a simple one: bet on where the ball will land in the well, and you win or lose depending on if you predicted correctly. The player can bet on what color the ball will land on or if that number will be even or odd. Players can also bet on if the ball will land on whole sections of the wheel can be bet on also. If the player feels extra luck that day each number can be individually bet on – this payout being much more than being on colors or odd/even. Every player of roulette dreams on betting a big amount of green and winning the bet. Green is the biggest payout on the roulette wheel.

The roulette wheel has a very colorful history. Being created in France by a person named Blaise Pascal roulette is French for “little wheel”. Having a background in chance and statistics Pascal wished to create a device that mirrored his studies in probability. The exact dates of the first roulette wheel are not well known but it is known that in 1796 roulette was being played in Paris – quickly becoming a game played by royalty and the wealthy.

Legends surround the game of roulette stemming from its creation. Supposedly Pascal made a deal with the devil to find out exactly how to win roulette. The numbers on the wheel add up to 666 further enhancing this legend and lore.

Even today there are two sets of roulette: double zeros wheels, and a single zero wheel. The double zero wheel is more commonly found in America and is more favored by the casino because it lowers the chances of winning. The single zero is commonly found in Europe and is more favored by better because of the increased chance of winning.

Today in modern history the famous roulette wheel has been digitized into internet casinos. Instead of having to go to a physical casino to test luck on the roulette wheel it is very common to instead open up a laptop and play roulette online. This has made roulette even more open and easier to play. Instead of having to play the timing of the house the player can now play exactly on their time. In a physical game of roulette, the table is played by the house times. For example, every 30 seconds after a spin a new game will be spun. In internet casinos, the players choose when the wheel will be spun.

In the history of gambling there have always been three groups: the house, the players win, and the biggest group, the players that lose. Roulette has been a game of fascination throughout the world and has no signs of slowing down.

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