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Everyone loves the winning of underdogs in any form of sports. One the primary reasons why people enjoy the wins of underdogs is such matches are amazing to watch. Most people like the warriors coming from behind and winning the game. While coming to sports betting, underdogs are considered to be the favorites of people who bet. Such wins are also providing the individuals to earn great money by betting on those sports stars. It is important to analyze some of the biggest wins in the history of the sport that gave considerable earnings to the individuals who bet on the underdogs.

2007 Welterweight Championship

In the first round match, George St. Pierre, the Welterweight champion, and UFC veteran lost to Matt Serra, a relatively unknown fighter who qualified through a reality TV show. The game was coming with 7 to 1 odds; it means people who bet $10 on Serra got $70.

2007 Champions Playoffs

The leading Dallas Mavericks lost to struggling 8-seed Golden State Warriors for a series score of 4-2. It was the first time an 8-seed team beating 1-seed team in a seven-match series. The series carried an odd of 9 to 1, and people who put $10 on Warriors got $160 in return.

1990 Heavyweight Championship

The match between mighty Mike Tyson and struggling Buster Douglas was considered to be a practice match for Tyson before his fight with Evander Holyfield. But, in the 10th round, things got a sudden change, and Douglas pulled down Tyson with a deadly uppercut. The game had a 42 to 1 odds, and the people put $10 on Douglas earned $420.

1913 Kentucky Derby

Everyone wrote off Donerail for the match considering he was struggling finish at the fifth position a few days back from Kentucky Derby. But, once the race started, he surpassed Ten Point by half a length and finished as the winner. Donerail was having odds of 91.45 to 1, and people put $10 on him earned $914.50.

1969 World Series

In the series, New York Mets came with struggling statistics, performance, and more, and Baltimore Orioles looked unchallengeable. In the grounds, Mets made an incredible journey and won the series including the final contest. With a 100 to 1 odd, people who bet $10 on Mets earned $1,000.

2008 Super Bowl XLII

The mighty New England Patriots lost to struggling New York Giants for a score of 17-14. The game had an odd of 100 to 1, which means people who invested $10 on Giants got $1,000 back after the game.

1950 World Cup

While everyone expected the win for England against the USA considering the statistics, analysis, and capability of players, a miracle happened, and the USA won the game for 1-0. An odd of 500 to 1 easily converted a $10 investment in the USA to $5,000.

Miracle on Ice

An amateur USA team with mostly college students defeated Olympic gold-winning USSR team in ice hockey in 1950 by a score of 4-3. 1000 to 1 odds easily translated $10 bet to $10,000.

2000 Olympic Finals

When Aleksandr Kerelin with no loss for continuously fifteen years met with Rulon Gardner – his best previous finish is fifth place – in the Olympic finals, no one expected a miracle. But, that happened, and Gardner defeated Kerelin by a score of 1-0. With a 2,000 to 1 odds, people staked on Gardner with $10 earned $20,000.

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