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Roulette is just as much a game of skill and patience as it is chance. Following this list of ten rules lessens the risk of losing and has sent more than one person away a happy winner. None of the following tips or rules for play are new ideas, successful gamblers have been playing this way for as long as they can remember simply because it works.

1. Avoid Crowded Tables

Many have discovered that although roulette may seem more fun in a group, it doesn't appear to be that lucky. Waiting for an empty wheel and then betting on the outside tables' one is worth the effort and patience when it comes up a winner.

2. Trust Outside Chances

Black or red, odd or even, high or low, columns or dozens, betting on outside chances may mean marginal returns but this strategy is a winning one that at least keeps the game alive.

3. Pay Attention To Recent Table History

Keeping track of previous games at a particular table helps the player predict what will happen in their own rounds. It makes sense if the same color shows up ten times in a row, that's the one to bet on. Consistent winners choose this strategy and those new to the game increase their chances by following their example.

4. Practice Before Betting

A player may pick up the basics of roulette just by watching but hands-on practice is recommended before any money is wagered. Finding an empty wheel and then practicing first allows one to get a true feel for the game before they step up to an active table and join the fun.

5. Winnings Should Never Be Put Back into Play

This rule is considered the most important in any game of chance and it goes hand in hand with never betting what can't afford to be lost. A clear example would be if a player starts with $100 and progresses to $300 all the profit should be held back, and the game continued with only the original amount put in play.

6. Stay Focused

Consistent winners have already learned that roulette isn't a game of competition. Checking the table before betting, concentration and staying focused on earning rather than competing is what makes a winner.

7. Avoid Tables with Double 00

American roulette tables have a “00” which is good for the casino since it increases the chance of beating the player. European tables don't have the 00 so they are the obvious choice. If no European tables are available, it's a good idea to wait until one is for a better chance at making a profit.

8. Online Play Requires Extra Caution

Before risking a wager with online casino's it's a good idea to check their credentials first. Looking at official records should be sufficient but to really be sure, read what other players have had to say. Any online casino that doesn't use a random number generator should be avoided no matter how tempting their advertising may be.

9. Spin Check That Wheel First

Before betting, spinning the wheel a few times first will alert the player to any biases that particular wheel may have. Some tables generate more numbers of one kind than another and there is no way to know which it favors until it's tested a few times.

10. Keep These Rules Handy

Having a printed version of roulette rules or tips tucked away in a pocket or purse never hurts and can help a lot. Betting can be just as stressful as it is exciting and reminding oneself of the rules goes a long way in relieving the pressure.

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