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The National Lottery is state-franchised and based in the UK. Camelot Group manages the lottery. It is coordinated by the National Lottery Commission and was established in 1994 during John Major's reign as the president of the United Kingdom. The prizes awarded in the lottery are tax-free. Not all the money spent on National Lottery games are not used to fund the prizes. As set out by the United Kingdom's Parliament, 50% of the lottery money is spent on the prize funding, 12% goes to the government as duty and 28% to good causes as defined by U.K's parliament. Moreover, 5% goes to retailers as commission, 5% to Camelot and 4.5% is used to cover operating costs while the remaining 0.5% is the profit.

The National Lottery conducts a number of lottery games. The games are either draw based or instant and players have a chance of winning millions of pounds on a weekly basis. The current games hosted by the lottery include Lotto, Lotto Hotpicks, Thunderball, Scratchcards, EuroMillions, Million Raffle and UK Millionaire Maker among other games. The lottery through its website; provides the latest news and results on the series of games it hosts.

The National Lottery makes many people millionaires every week, with a good number of players walking away with nine-figure prizes. Although all the games enable players to walk away with huge amounts of money, the EuroMillions game leads followed by Lotto. So far, the biggest National Lottery prize ever won is £161.6 million.

The £161.6 million prize was won by Christine and Colin Weir. The Scottish couple who live in Largs, Ayrshire won the prize in the summer of 2011. They won the EuroMillions Jackpot after a run of 14 rollovers. They had purchased five Lucky Dips for the draw, and luckily, the fifth and last set of numbers made them winners and changed their lives completely.

After winning, the couple founded the Weir Charitable Trust. The foundation was set to support the Scottish communities and fund small charities. The couple also contributed at least £5 million to the National Party of Scotland and to the Yes Scotland, a pro-independence group. They then engaged themselves in traveling and exploring the world.
£148.6 million is the second largest National Lottery prize ever won. The EuroMillions prize was won in August 2012 by Adrian and Gillian Bayford, a couple from Suffolk. Despite receiving €5 million more than the Weirs that added up to €190 million, the Bayfords received £148.6 because of the exchange rates in the United Kingdom that kept on fluctuating. The couple used a fraction of their money to open a music business and a shop that features Lady Gaga's collections.

The United Kingdom's third National Lottery prize is £113 million. The prize was won in 2010 on October 8. The winners of the money kept their identity private.
The fourth largest prize is £107.9 million. The prize was scooped by Neil Trotter in March 2014. He bought Lucky Dips tickets that were worth £10. Neil Trotter who until then was a mechanic and a racing driver bought numerous cars including Porsche and jaguar and ditched his Ford Focus.

The biggest prize ever won on Lotto is £35.1 million. The prize was won in April 2016. The winner refused to go public. The prize was won on a single ticket.

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