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There are many casinos in Europe that have great service and can offer you a good night. This list has 5 of the most celebrated and praised casinos across the continent of Europe.

Estoril in Portugal is open from 3pm to 3am. As long as you are 18, you will allowed in with free admission. It allows the people who want to use slot machines, play blackjack and roulette any day of the year except for Christmas eve. It is also 20 kilometers from an airport, which is convenient for transformation. People who have flown to Portugal can use an uber, or park their vehicles from a location that is close to the airport. Local Poker tournaments that host some of the best players in the world are a regular occurrence. If you ever get bored or feel like things are getting repetitive, rest assured that entertainment tends to change in the casino.

The Clermont club in London stands out from all lot of the other expensive casinos that are all similar. This club unlike a lot of other expensive casinos in Europe has a wide library of games. When you're playing roulette, you will get to learn from experiences how the people you are talking got good and how they became wealthy. The place does require a membership and you have 18 years or older to apply. And the stakes are reasonable, so you won't have to put your life savings on a game that you may or may not win.

The Casino at the Empire in London is another diamond in the rough when it comes to British casinos. Like other casinos empire runs major tournaments with great players. If you decide to watch these games, you learn a lot and use when you decide to play blackjack or poker and apply that experience. There is also great artwork that is different from your average casino and changes from time to time. Holiday events run through the year and spices things up. From the reception, the customers seem to really like the drinks as well.

Casino de Monte-Carlo is one of the most beautiful buildings in all of Europe. The architecture itself is well deserving of praise for its Greek themes. It is open from 2pm to 1:30 am which is more generous than other casinos. The Casino also tends to have wealthier players, giving challengers a higher incentive to get better at games like Blackjack. There is also lot more beyond that the. The Casino hosts Jazz and Rock concerts, as well as fashion shows. It also sets a record, having the most slot machines in all of Europe.

Casino de Campione in Como, Italy is one of the most luxurious places that you will ever visit. It is almost 100 years old and older than most casinos in the world. No other Casino in Italy offers tournaments as often as they do and hosts business conferences. While you're playing Roulette or Blackjack, you will get to admire some of the greatest architecture you have ever seen. When it first opened it had an audience, while there were spies discreetly hiding their activities.

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