When others are winning, should you play too?

As anybody who has ever won big money gambling will tell you, there is no clear-cut secret to pocketing life-changing wins. Sometimes you’re lucky and it takes just a few spins, scratches or good hands to win. At other times you stay glued to your seat, playing the same game for hours on end before enjoying the smallest of wins. Bottom line, there’s no way to predict a win, or we’d all be millionaires, and casinos would all have to close their doors. But maybe, just maybe, there sometimes is some magic in the air, as you’ll see below…

The UK’s number of Lottery Millionaires breaks records in 2016

During the last year, many fortune seekers seemed to have had a little help from Lady Luck. In the UK alone, 347 National Lottery players were reported to have become millionaires with the help of a few lucky numbers – that’s a statistic of nearly one new millionaire per day. And it beats the record of 341 instant millionaires, held the previous year in 2015. The winnings paid out to these players in 2016 amount to a staggering £862 million. But it’s not just the players’ lives that have been changed according to the senior winners’ adviser, Andy Carter. He noted that many projects and local communities enjoyed support thanks to National Lottery ticket buyers. In total, funds generated and donated to good causes had risen to an impressive £36 million.

Was there any change to make it easier for players to win? On the contrary, the Lotto’s controversial change, increasing the number of balls from 49 to 59, should have made it harder to win as it decreased the jackpot-winning odds from 1 in 14 million to 1 in 45 million. Despite this change, Carol & David Martin and another anonymous player shared the highest jackpot payout in the history of the National Lottery in January – a whopping £66 million. In April, one lucky ticket-holder pocketed the full £35 million jackpot and in July a family syndicate, shared an astounding EuroMillions jackpot payout of £61 million.

But who are these lucky winners? Do their professions have anything to do with their luck? If you believe the statistics play a part, you might want to change careers. Topping the list of £1 million-plus winners in 2016 are cab & lorry drivers, with players in the building profession taking the second position, followed by manufacturing and sales workers in the third spot, and teachers in the fourth. And which month was the luckiest? September – it was responsible for turning 53 unsuspecting players into instant millionaires.

The year also saw big online and mobile casino winners

The popular progressive slot, Mega Moolah, also fondly known in the online casino industry as the millionaire-maker, certainly didn’t disappoint players during the last year. The African safari themed game has paid out multiple millions to lucky players from around the globe, like the Spin Palace player who won €6.9 in April, Rawiri P. from New Zealand who won NZ$10.1 million in June and a player only known as D.P. who won €7.9 million in August playing on his iPad – the biggest mobile jackpot win to date. The most recent big winner on Mega Moolah, Marcus Goodwin, took home an incredible $11.6 million in November. Mega Moolah of course also holds the Guinness World Record for the biggest online progressive payout of £13.2 million, won by Jon H. from the UK in October 2015.

So should you or shouldn’t you play when others are winning? In reality, it’s all just a matter of luck, but if you are superstitious and believe that statistics could influence the outcome, why not give a game like Mega Moolah a shot. It’s available to play at Cabaret Club Casino where numerous players have found there fortune before. And even if you don’t cash in on a life-changing payout, you’ll still score a $/€600 sign-up bonus when you join.

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