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The nineties – a decade in which casinos entered a whole new era and dimension, that of the online gaming environment. While many online casinos have come and gone, a few big names have stood the test of time. And while one could easily attribute their individual successes to great marketing strategies, top customer service, solid entertainment and a reputation for prompt payouts, there is one other key factor that has kept these online casinos at the top of their game. Yes, you’ve guessed it – innovation.

Mobile Gaming Innovation

Why is innovation the ‘it’ word in the online and mobile gaming industry? It’s pretty simple. If your product doesn’t keep up with the times and the competition surpasses your offering, you run the risk of losing your slice of the international online casino player community. Loyalty only goes so far. And with a younger and more demanding audience entering this gaming arena, it is vital for these online and mobile casinos to remain innovative in everything they have to offer. It’s a basic principle that has worked in the past and will certainly do the same in the future.

Ironically, in the gambling industry, creating anything new can be a gamble. But without risk, nothing great will ever be achieved. In a recent interview with ClavinAyre.com, Helen Walton of Gamevy echoed this notion, encouraging online casinos to be braver and faster in the innovation of their products.

She emphasised that while overnight success could never be guaranteed, remaining in a comfort zone would also not achieve anything either. To develop a successful product obviously requires a lot of time, money and dedication. And guessing how much money it will make, often proves to be inaccurate.

Walton’s opinion is that staying true to your vision, testing your product with industry insiders and not applying the brakes when it gets shot down by individuals, will help you along in this journey, which can be a slow and rather grueling process. If there’s anything that Steve Jobs has taught us, it’s that small failures are very often just little obstacles you’ll have to cross on your path to success.

The very first online casino was launched in 1994 and things have certainly changed considerably since then. A glance back at an old homepage alone will clearly show the obvious changes that innovation in technology and design has brought about. But it’s not just aesthetics that have been affected, functionality like dropdown menus, buttons and interactive features have changed the way we scroll and navigate through online casinos. And while their game selections have grown exponentially with the release of new games month-on-month, the quality of the slots, video pokers and table games have also improved by leaps and bounds. Most online casinos offer in excess of 400 – 600 games, which can be played on PCs and laptops via downloaded software or in-browser play.

The more recent releases boast numerous innovative features like introduction movies, voice-over audio clips, 3D visual effects, interactive bonus rounds, movie clips on slots reels and many more. Innovative video streaming technology now even makes it possible for players to play their favourite table games in a real live environment where they can interact with a real live croupier in real time while still competing with players from around the globe.

Mobile Gaming and VR Casino Games

And if you’re wondering what’s next, we already have an answer for you. Augmented virtual reality play made possible by wearable tech. Online gaming software pioneers, Microgaming, has already won an award for its VR Roulette game, designed to do research into the immersive potential of 3D technology within the gaming industry. How soon it will be available to players at some of its top casinos like Spin Palace? We can’t say for sure. But we do know that once new tech has been successfully developed, it’s only a matter of time before it gets rolled out to the public.

Mobile gaming was of course the next obvious frontier to conquer, after PC gaming, and proved to be an innovator’s dream. In the mobile gaming scene, loads of small phone changes had a big impact on the casino product, for example the launch of smaller phones, bigger screens, different operating systems on smartphones (iOS, Android and Windows) and the shift from buttons to onscreen swiping and tapping. All these seemingly insignificant changes created huge challenges for online casino software providers, leaving the innovators with both a mammoth task ahead and an opportunity to change the face of the gaming industry forever.

The number of players who prefer to play on their smartphones and tablets rather than their desktops and laptops, has also grown significantly, making the mobile arena a lucrative market, calling for innovation in any shape or form. A recent study has shown that iOS and Android users spend 32% of their time on various forms of gaming, compared to only 17% on Facebook. This leaves software developers with endless prospects to improve on their products and attract more players with their unique and ground-breaking offerings.

Let’s face it, innovation is everywhere – from print to online media, analogue to digital, books to apps, gas guzzlers to eco-saving vehicles – the list goes on and on. It’s inevitable and inescapable. Just think of the basics your great grandparents needed versus your own current basic needs to paint a pretty clear picture of how innovation has made our lives a whole lot easier today. Do we run from it and fall behind? Or do we embrace it and possibly take the lead? For big name online casino brands like Spin Palace, the answer is clear. Innovate wherever you can, whenever you can and the players will thank you for it.

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