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Everyone was anticipating the response that the Full Tilt Poker managers would give to the offer that was made by Laurent Tapie.  Laurent Tapie has given the FTP managers an offer to join the staff of his new French venture for internet poker. According to sources, the answer was a big no, they declined the offer.

Laurent Tapie has been trying to buy out Full Tilt Poker before walking out of the deal, and FTP is most likely going to end up in Pokerstars’ hands instead. Reports state that he has sent the managers of Full Tilt Poker, whose most of them are based in Dublin and gave them an offer to join the staff for his own internet poker that he is intending to introduce to the French market. As for the reason behind such refusal, it is reported that many of the managers if not all of them have refused such offer with news of progress and development in the acquisition of FTP by Pokerstars. With such acquisition, Pokerstars will surely keep the whole staff of FTP to run the FTP operations, thus they have decided to wait and see.

Although this is the reason for their refusal and it is a solid one, but it is very risky. This is due to the fact that there have been no official announcements. All what was announced is that Pokerstars is having talks with the Dept. of Justice of the United States of America concerning its purchase of Full Tilt Poker.

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